Home Chef: Meal Kit Delivery

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  • Home Chef: Meal Kit Delivery
  • Home Chef: Meal Kit Delivery
  • Home Chef: Meal Kit Delivery
  • Home Chef: Meal Kit Delivery
  • Home Chef: Meal Kit Delivery


Developer Home Chef
BundleID com.homechef.iphone
Version 3.10.3
Size 50.7MB
Released May 30,2015
Updated January 2,2020
Score 3.5
Review Num 439
Support https://www.homechef.com
Language Arabic ,Myanmar ,Cambodian ,Chinese ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,Estonian ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Hebrew ,Hindi ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean , ,Malay ,Norwegian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Thai ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • XZist86 - 2020-01-14 15:13:14

    App is good, service is flaky

    The app works reasonably well. You can schedule your meals, view details like nutrition details and recipe steps for each meal. The interface is reasonably intuitive. The one thing it’s missing in my opinion is letting you know when the cut off date for confirming your next weeks meals are. I wanted to make changes to the meals Thursday before the next week but the meals were already locked in. The service has been 50/50 for us, literally. We had home chef for 4 weeks. The first two weeks, meals came on time without issue and at a decent time during the day such that we got home in the evening and could make dinner the day of the delivery. The third week, we got an email 2 days before scheduled delivery saying it was all cancelled. No service credit, nothing. The 4th week, the ingredients were delivered but it must have been after 10pm because it was far too late for anyone to notice the package being dropped off and the delivery folks did not give any indication nor did the app/email. The last straw was that upon opening the package for the 4th week, the meat bag was open and leaking. Two recipes of meat did not have proper sealing on the packaging or broke during transport. Having used two other delivery services before, the service has never been this inconsistent. Homechef has the better tasting recipes for sure but when you only get half of what you order it’s not worth the trouble.

  • steelhauler747 - 2020-01-29 05:24:42

    Way better way to eat!

    We have been trying all the main subscription based food services to see which one we like the most, and hands down home chef is the way to go. Every meal comes in it’s separate bag with all the ingredients you need for your specific meal if you have more than one days worth; unlike blue apron , where every ingredient for all your meals is just in one box and you have to figure what goes with what. I’m not saying the food quality is any better or worse but little things like the separate ingredients, super easy to follow recipes and they give you a binder to store them all. And EVERY MEAL from home chef has been absolutely awesome!

  • shmibb - 2020-01-03 06:35:13


    So my aunt I visit here n there does this and it was always so tasty and simple and convenient but super Devine meals nwhat not but I told her I was gonna try it and she gave me these lil gift card voucher code things they sent her to send away and I messed up my first time trying and panicked cause I charged myself 80$ by accident not knowing how to operated the site and was about to be sent a bunch of meals ina few days called and the very kind worker on the phone fixed everything immediately


Home Chef 

Enjoy a wide variety every week of simple meals, complete with easy-to-follow recipes and fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered right to you. 

The app makes it easier than ever to manage your meals and deliveries up to five menus in advance. Featuring recipes, cooking tips, referrals, and easier reviews enabling you to send your feedback directly to our chefs, this app has it all!

Get started, by downloading it now!