Race Kings

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 3451 2108
Income 2920 3462

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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Grossing·Action 302 404
Grossing·Racing 61 78
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Developer Hutch Games Ltd
BundleID com.hutchgames.racingnext
Version 1.51
Size 943.4MB
Released June 20,2017
Updated November 1,2017
Score 5
Review Num 35693
Support https://hutch.helpshift.com/a/race-kings/
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0

Comment information

  • dullpin24 - 2019-11-26 02:49:26

    I don’t get I’d how did I lose EDGE/ weird rank

    Why am I loseing EDGE on my car look I had 1M EDGE on my car then it told me I lost it I got angry because it did that take it off pls I just lost my EDGE on my favorite car pls take it off 🤬😢😔👏🙏 please!? Put on game that you did sinsirally dullpin24 from race kings pls. Also what does it mean by finish top 140 because I past it but it is still I can’t go back beacause it is stupid because I aint going back to a noob but it is still there when I am at the top 40 but does it mean top 40 or top 140 cause I am at the top 40 and it wants me to go back but how but I can’t figure it out tell me

  • Guth14 - 2019-12-07 05:38:14

    No progression

    If you like a game where there is no progression, then look no further! Intense repetition, some might even say it’s a nauseating amount. Fear not, with the illusion of progression and the strong influence to pay pay pay, no other game is beats this one. Final tip, and this is very important, Take you Time choosing you first car. There is a very good chance it will be the only one you ever get to use.

  • drifter8402 - 2019-12-02 09:29:31


    Very good and fun/easy to play game with lots of cool cars


Experience thrilling new racing gameplay, and compete against 100% live real-time opponents.

Two drivers, one winner. Take every corner sideways in a scream of smoking tires, your rival just inches from your window, the finish line only seconds away. You’ve never experienced racing like this before: intense drift duels, winner takes all, designed for mobile.

All live, all the time. Race against real-time online opponents, matched to your skill whether you’re a beginner or a tire-slaying legend. Tackle a real-time calendar of varied live Events, featuring dozens of tracks.

Visit the Market to browse a real-time selection of legendary sports cars from the world’s biggest brands. Thousands of unique car variants available to buy, win, collect and upgrade. Come back often - there’s a different selection every time.

You want to go all the way to the top? Place bets on your ability to earn bigger money and climb the leaderboards. More risk means more reward. Don’t want to rule the racing world? Earn prizes for making progress at your own pace.

IMPORTANT: Race Kings is all live, all the time, and requires an internet data connection, either via Wifi or your cellular network.

Join the Race Kings community for player chat, questions and answers, and to share beautiful pictures of your beautiful cars: http://forums.hutchgames.com

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