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  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel
  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel
  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel
  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel
  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel
  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel
  • GOAT – Sneakers & Apparel


Developer 1661, Inc.
BundleID com.airgoat.goat.ios
Version 2.29.1
Size 128.8MB
Released April 16,2015
Updated April 9,2020
Score 4.85288
Review Num 441706
Support http://goat.com/support
Language Arabic ,Myanmar ,Cambodian ,Chinese ,Danish ,Dutch ,English ,Estonian ,Finnish ,French ,German ,Hebrew ,Hindi ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean , ,Malay ,Norwegian ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Thai ,Vietnamese
Rating 9+
Compatibility 11.0


  • datruther10 - 2020-04-09 01:43:08


    Before i used GOAT, i read some reviews and decided to give the benefit of the doubt, I was wrong. I recently tried to sell some Air Bred 2019’s using GOAT. I shipped out my shoes and were delivered to the facility by Wednesday. I was waiting for my shoes to be authenticated and that alone took a week. I emailed GOAT TWICE to let them know that I was still waiting on my credits since they say it takes up to 1-2 business days to verify the shoes. I received no actual response but was told to wait and if it took more than 3-4 business days, that I should email them again. I did. I never heard back. I was counting on this money to pay bills because COVID-19. After reaching GOAT one last time, I didn’t hear anything back once again until this morning when I received an email saying I needed to pay to get my shoes back because they had canceled my sale..... WASTE OF TIME, take your shoes and money to another sneaker app 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • op is not my dad - 2020-04-07 05:15:16


    Bruh. Package was promised in 7-10 days. At the time I ordered the shoes there was no closures or delays due to Coronavirus. Their FAQ at the time of the order said they were open for business. I even triple checked after I ordered my shoes if they were open, and was told by Nia they were indeed open. The day after nia told me they were open, I received an email from GOAT saying my package was delayed. Annelyn, then told me that they were trying to find someone near me who could get me my shoes. It has now been 9 business days, and they just found a new seller, and it hasn’t even been sent to GOAT. Felt misled, and was very upset I paid this much in taxes and shipping just to have trash service. Never ordering from GOAT again.

  • agdhsjakwus - 2020-04-08 20:57:15

    Goat for a reason GREATEST OF ALL TIME

    This app is very useful. It is nice to be able to purchase a pair of sneakers you have been wanting for a year for cheap. I live by a couple sneaker shops and they price yeezys ridiculously high. I get that they are a business and need profit but I don’t feel like spending another 100 to 150 for a pair of shoes just because it’s local. You can trust goat it is far better than stock x. Don’t just take my word, look at how many more ratings there are on goat than stock x and it is still better.


GOAT is the global platform for style. 

Discover the largest selection of sneakers, apparel and accessories including just dropped, sold out and future releases–all in one place. Now shipping to over 164 countries. 

Shop over a million listings of sneakers, apparel and accessories from the world’s emerging, contemporary and luxury brands including Nike, Air Jordan, adidas, Yeezy, Off-White, Comme des Garcons, Acne Studios, Gucci and more.

Find the right product at the right price. Set alerts and place offers. 

Read Greatest, our magazine featuring stories of emerging artists as well as industry veterans who continuously pave the way in fashion, art, music, design, entrepreneurship and beyond.

All sellers, retailers and boutiques are vetted, and all sneaker orders are verified by hand to ensure they are authentic and as described.