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Developer Pronto Money Transfer Inc.
BundleID com.enviouchegou
Version 4.2.6
Size 146.1MB
Released July 23,2015
Updated May 20,2020
Score 4.8
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Language English ,Portuguese ,Spanish
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Compatibility 11.0


  • SanLyo - 2020-04-08 03:48:23

    Same as other apps

    A few months back while they were still growing, they’re dollar conversion rates to other currencies was really good. In my case I send money to Brazil and the dollar conversion rate was about 3% higher then Xoom, for example. But that difference dropped over time and now they have basically the same conversion rate as Xoom.

  • bugbbbbb - 2020-04-23 00:55:10


    This is the worst app ever DO NOT ever trust these people with your money. My aunt sent me money and they keep telling me to pick it up but it’s not there when I go. I swear to you take your money somewhere else. Apply should report these people. Take down the whole app and stop stealing people’s money!!!!!!!

  • RafaJackSilver - 2020-03-06 03:54:22


    Demoraram mais de uma semana pra transferir um dinheiro que eu precisava com emergência, sendo que disseram quem em 48h o dinheiro iria cair, absurdo demais! Alegaram que tiveram problemas na remessa...NUNCA MAIS!


Pontual Money Transfer presents its mobile platform dedicated to providing a secure, fast, cost‐effective, and easy way to send money to your family and friends abroad.

About the App:
- You can transfer money to several countries.
- You can reload pre-paid cell phones and pay bills in many destination countries.
- You can pay for your transaction using a bank account, credit card or debit card.
- You can keep track of all your transactions.
- You can select some of your transactions as a Favorite transaction.
- You will receive email and SMS with confirmation of your transactions.

We offer services to 48 countries. You can check all the details and learn more about the services in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here is the list of countries:
1.	Brazil
2.	Mexico
3.	Guatemala
4.	El Salvador
5.	Honduras
6.	Colombia
7.	Argentina
8.	Austria
9.	Belgium
10.	Bolivia
11.	Bulgaria
12.	Croatia
13.	Cyprus
14.	Czech Republic
15.	Denmark
16.	Dominican Republic
17.	Ecuador
18.	Estonia
19.	Finland
20.	France
21.	Germany
22.	Greece
23.	Hungary
24.	Ireland
25.	Italy
26.	Japan
27.	Latvia
28.	Liechtenstein
29.	Lithuania
30.	Luxembourg
31.	Malta
32.	Monaco
33.	Netherlands
34.	Nicaragua
35.	Norway
36.	Panama
37.	Paraguay
38.	Peru
39.	Philippines
40.	Poland
41.	Portugal
42.	Slovakia
43.	Slovenia
44.	Spain
45.	Sweden
46.	Switzerland
47.	United Kingdom
48.	Uruguay