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Developer ChengDu PinGuo Technology Co., Ltd.
BundleID com.vstudio.selfie
Version 4.2.7
Size 87.7MB
Released August 5,2015
Updated March 20,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 5261
Language Arabic ,English ,German ,Hindi ,Indonesian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Thai ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

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Comment information

  • Lana Leslie - 2019-01-05 22:41:45

    In my top 5! Love this app!

    I’ve had this app since it came out on all of my different phones, all androids, specifically Samsung Galaxies. I love this app and the filters. I honestly use it everyday. However, I have arrived at a slight hitch. I recently converted to Apple because I’m in the Filmmaking Industry and my entire arsenal has updated to Mac products. I’m currently using the Apple IPhone 10 Xs Max and unfortunately Bestie no longer works as well. I can’t pick a person like I used too as many selfies are of myself and my fiancé. I liked that I could go back and forth with ease and do a quick and slight edit. I hope they update the app and fix the bugs for the newer phones. Until then I’m using the Older Galaxy 5 to edit pics by sending them back and forth between the phones which is a haste and takes the ease out of use but I love the app, its features and the filters. 5 stars for older phones...4 stars for newer phones (giving company a chance to update before I lower further). Thanks Bestie!

  • Blashlopa - 2019-03-21 10:02:47

    This is an amazing game.

    I’m able to do close up fixing. But FIVE STARRRSSSS. All though I would like to be able to make our own text. Then just have like “사랑 해” I’m different languages. So we can type like “happy birthday said name” but over all this app is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Thescooterbignuts - 2019-03-13 04:13:39


    I'm so upset, apparently the app no longer works for iPods and older iPhones (3-5gen). This was my go to app and I can no longer use it cause it won't let me select my photos from my camera roll.


Introduce you Bestie, developed by Top Developer Camera 360, featured as 2015 Apple App Store Selected Apps.

=Best Camera for Portrait Selfie=
-	Handy Camera: Tap / touch anywhere on screen to; switch between frontal and rear view camera with one shake; 
-	Considerate and Practical: Effective night camera for low lighting selfies; Auto mirror camera; Camera timer and mute camera options;
-	Grid Collage Quicksnap: 1:1 & 4:3 griddlers from one to 9 grids that shot and combine your selfies to a grid photo;

=Popular Camera Effects for Pictures=
-	Girls Camera - Lady Effects: Mia, Olivia, Laura, Xena, Nikki, Fiona, Izzy, Yoko, Chole, Zoe, Joyce, Winnie, Sofie, Queenie, Eva, Uma;
-	Double Exposure Mix / Blend Effects: Home away, the Pink panther, Alone, Alley, Lore, Wild west, Asuka, Gothic Beauty
-	Photography Lighting Effect Camera: Fringe, Stay, Meet, Shine, Shades, Belt, Fades, Speckle;

= Flawless Selfie Photo Beautifier=
-	Auto concealer makeup: Quick-fix retouch and makeup editor for face retouch
-	Wrinkle remover: acne remover photo editor to deal with acne, pimple, blemish, wrinkle and other imperfection;
-	Photo effect slim face & nose reshaping: reshape face slimmer and countour nose;
-	Beautify Eyes for the hotness: smart eye color changer to detect your eyeballs and change your eyes color like wearing US pupil contact lenses; support eye widening and brighten too. 

=Hot Stickers for Pictures=
-	Photo Label - Cute Fonts: Hi & New Year 2016, Never Mind, What's up, Yes, Hi, Oops; 
-	Emotions Note Stickers: I love You, Ummm, Hello Sunshine, Good Night, Yummy, Pastry;
-	Funny Face - Accessories Sticker: Blush, Headband, Bow, Hairpin, Lip, Ribbon, Gift;
-	Travelling Stickers: Trip it, Balloon Pop.

=Photo Airbrushing=
-	Glittery fluorescent light highlighter: quickly hightlights any part of the photo with green, blue, pink, black and white colors;
-	Drawing airbrush action to blur background: advanced airbrushing techniques to blurry photos and remove backgrounds for pictures;
-	Photo decorator brush to decorate pictures: strawberry, lips, leaf, spot, bubble, ginkgo brushes

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