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  • Cellebrite Transfer App
  • Cellebrite Transfer App
  • Cellebrite Transfer App
  • Cellebrite Transfer App
  • Cellebrite Transfer App


Developer Trilogy Enterprises, Inc.
BundleID com.cellebrite.transferapp
Version 3.1.2
Size 6.6MB
Released November 13,2014
Updated January 23,2017
Score 1
Review Num 3
Support http://help.mobilogy.com/
Language English ,French ,German ,Italian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 6.0


  • Yourmom's house - 2015-12-23 12:36:20


    One phone says "scan barcode from other phone" and the other says "enter activation code from service provider". Who wrote this garbage and tried to pass it off as functional?

  • Dennis Cooper - 2016-11-07 18:53:24

    Just Simply Doesn't Work :(

    This application asks for username from retailer or provider. What a nonsense ?! I wasn't given one. It just doesn't exist at my carier. What stupid system !?

  • Jenniness84 - 2015-05-15 05:18:06


    Doesn't let you do anything unless your provider gives you an activation code. Mine had no clue what I was talking about. Useless app.


Cellebrite Transfer App enables consumers to easily transfer content from one smartphone to another over a wireless network connection, regardless of phone platform. This self-serve phone-to-phone solution provides a simple way for consumers to pair two different smartphones in order to transfer all their personal content, such as contacts, messages, images, audio files, and more, between them.
To use this app, you must enter an activation code. Please contact your service provider or retailer to receive a valid Cellebrite Transfer App activation code.