Guess that TV serie


  • Guess that TV serie
  • Guess that TV serie
  • Guess that TV serie
  • Guess that TV serie
  • Guess that TV serie


Developer Gino Sarnieri
BundleID com.sviluppo4mobile.GTTSerie
Version 2.0
Size 23.9MB
Released October 24,2014
Updated November 16,2015
Score 4
Review Num 2
Language English ,French ,Italian ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 6.0


  • Grey hippo - 2015-11-09 10:12:31

    Worst game ever

    This game is the worst every time I click something it closes up on me.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I wouldn't recommend getting this app!!!!!!.!!!!!!.!!!!

  • Bay boo 03 - 2015-11-07 09:47:08


    Every times I try to open it waits and then goes back out of the game. 😩😩😱😱


Do you think to know all the TV shows of the '80, '90 and 2000? Well, try this addictive game! Solve all the riddles: find  the titles of the series, or part of them, using the available letters.

"Damn, I can’t go on!" 
Don’t worry! If you can’t recognize a TV serie, you have credits to get clues. You will get the credits guessing the characters or purchasing them. 

"I wonder if anyone else is able to recognize them?" 
During the game you can often suggest to your friends to participate inviting them on major social networks (facebook, twitter, etc..) or by email. The more we are, the more we have fun!

"Ah-ah! I guessed them all, and now? " 
If you were so clever to complete the game, do not sit down: hundreds of other series to guess are coming. Always update your app and follow our page on Facebook.