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Developer Yale
BundleID edu.yale.rewi
Version 1.0.4
Size 25.3MB
Released August 2,2018
Updated June 4,2019
Score 2.34545
Review Num 165
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Therapeutic Use - 2020-03-28 13:25:53

    Yale made this?

    Not very useful even with the course. The app just has you track things. No interactions with other users, or accountability. If self reinforcement is your thing than this is for you but it’s just an extra step that isn’t all worthy. Could be better if it was interactive with other users or if there were tracking goals or something to meet other than just a bar graph of things you did ‘right’ during the day

  • Lesly_1 - 2019-11-03 00:21:51

    Log in only allows FB or Google info sharing

    Don’t understand why we can’t just use an email to create an account to store our data why does it have to be tied to FB or google?Anonymous doesn’t allow you to save/ see if you happen to have to delete the app. Don’t want my info shared with the mega giants! Happy to share with the research entity, but aligning yourself with FB and Google feels unauthentic to this process.

  • PhilTrit - 2020-03-24 21:53:58

    Login Frustration

    Another fail! When initially logging in with Facebook, my iPhone requires a Facebook Code Generator entry. OK, switch to Authy, grab the code, switch back to ReWi to paste in...and ReWi switches BACK to the “Login with Facebook/Google” screen. There’s NO way to get past the login screen. This is endlessly repeatable. ReWi is useless without fixing this bug.


Welcome to ReWi. Learn to rewire your daily habits and live a happier life.

ReWi is an app developed for students in Dr. Laurie Santos’ wellness course, taught at Yale University as a semester-long course (“Psychology and the Good Life”) and online as a Coursera course (“The Science of Well-Being”).
The app allows you to track eight activities that are known to promote well-being. These include sleep, exercise, meditation, goal setting, gratitude, kindness, social connection, and savoring. All of these practices are based on psychological research suggesting that increasing these practices can lead to increased happiness. You can choose to log responses for any of the wellness activities at any given time on a daily basis. The more you log, the more likely it is that you will establish long-term change! Logging becomes easier the more you do it.
Track your progress with:
* Daily streaks
* Total activities logged
* Calendar view of each activity
* Bar chart view of all activities tracked over time
Beyond merely tracking activities, you can even practice several activities on the app itself such as listening to meditation tracks and visualizing effective goal setting with a rotation of prompts.
While there are many existing wellness-related tracking apps out there, ReWi houses all the course-specific wellness activities all in one interface. The course team designed ReWi with the hope of facilitating positive behavior change.
Please be aware that app usage data may be used for empirical research and you will be asked to give consent within the onboarding screens of the app. Consent is completely optional and you can use the app without opting in to research. 

Privacy Policy: