Bit City

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 522 676
Revenue 2335 2499

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Category iPhone iPad
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  • Bit City
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  • Bit City


Developer NimbleBit LLC
BundleID com.nimblebit.bitcity
Version 1.3.1
Size 265.5MB
Released March 13,2017
Updated April 5,2020
Score 4.6
Review Num 6210
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 9.0


  • twilk15 - 2020-08-04 18:06:59

    Keeps Entertained, but Repetitive

    Got this game bc it reminded me of a sims build your own city kind of game, but has more of an idle tap feel to it. The game starts with a small plot you must make money and buy land to fill. The levels grow bigger plots with different tasks to accomplish in unison. Progressing through these levels you gain keys to ”prestige.” If you chose this option you will be brought back to level one and given your prestige % per second to your total cash. I enjoyed playing for the curiosity of what the levels led to, but feel as though it took a bit longer than I’d like to gain cash. Also very repetitive and not very detailed in graphics. Overall just an average game to pass the time. I’ve kept it for like three days ? Usually game apps don’t last long on my phone there for its doing even more “average.” Thanks for reading all of this if you’re here. Check out my art page on Instagram.

  • IM A UNNSTOPABLE GAMER - 2020-08-02 01:59:29

    Great game but please fix

    I love this game it’s a relaxed simple but this bug is so bad it messed up my entire game play I was doing missions and the mission drought relief I did what it said but never said I did it so I had to redownload to get rid of the mission please fix but I would love to see the future to this game

  • BlazeTheWolf223 - 2020-08-02 12:11:28

    Great game honestly love it

    This game is actually fire! Nothing bad to say about it i always look for games like this but I can’t ever find any that keep me coming back but this one does so. Thanks for making a great game I love it

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