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  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards
  • Pocket Points: Student Rewards


Developer Pocket Points, Inc.
BundleID co.pocketpoints
Version 5.3.1
Size 148.6MB
Released September 9,2014
Updated December 12,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 17531
Support https://pocketpoints.com
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0

Comment information

  • BoBeldon - 2019-11-23 10:46:49

    Versions give varying points.

    I used to love this app to no end. I use it multiple times per week, and I used to always have the pocket points I needed when I needed them. Lately with this latest update, or perhaps a glitch in my version, the free points prizes are few and far between, I no longer get them for claiming my 10 unclaimed points, also sometimes I’ll get home and check my points after driving and there’s none. I don’t know what’s going on, but this week I had to pay for Chips and. Drink at subway, with money instead of points and I just don’t know why. I talked with some friends of mine at a dinner last night, and they’re still getting tons of points. I’m not sure if their version is different. I’m a full time student and work part time at the school and should be getting lots of points, but it’s gotten to where they’re super rare. Please bring the points back!

  • AngelysAnish - 2019-11-19 07:55:29

    Not Enough Options

    As a university student, I thought the whole concept of the app was amazing and I was really excited to try out the app. However, most of the stores and restaurants the app gives rewards for aren't in my area or just aren't places I often go to so basically I'm currently just saving points for no reason because I have nothing to spend them on. I wish the app had a lot more places to spend your points for like common restaurants at campuses, for example. Us university students live on food. We study with snacks right next to us, we try to eat in campus to not waste gas or lose our good parking spot, and we're always hungry. Stress makes us hungry. I have nothing to spend the points on because the restaurants at my campus aren't included in the app like Panda Express, McDonalds, Burger King, Sushi Maki, etc.

  • Saying it as it is - 2019-11-11 15:13:42

    Rewards make app not worth it for me

    I love the overall concept of the app and was super thrilled about it first, but when I looked at the rewards section I no longer wanted it. The rewards are mostly just discounts for stores I have never even heard of and there’s no way to earn actual money back, so I feel like I’m not really getting rewarded for being off my phone. What I thought was going to be a perfect app for me turned into one that I’m now deleting because I see no reason for it. If the rewards got better and I could actually earn points to use towards gift cards or some way to get money back (like in other apps similar to this), I’d get it in a heartbeat. Even if the rewards were discounts for popular restaurants or stores that I could actually shop at I’d be happier.


Are you in college, broke, and addicted to your phone? Pocket Points incentivizes you to put your phone away and stay focused with coupons at local merchants and big online brands. Get your school work done, pay attention in class, and be rewarded for it. 

Earn points! Use our timer to track how long you’re not using your phone. For every minute you’re not using your phone, you’ll earn points. Get the most points you can and spend them on awesome student discounts. We’ll help you put your focus on your studies so you can be more productive and feel more accomplished. 

Now take those points and shop on our marketplace of gifts and treat yourself to student coupons and discounts for food, apparel, accessories, and much more. Students get updates on new coupons. Never miss a good deal, because every penny counts. Students spend more money on food than anything else, so check out our food deals or suggest deals you want to see in your college town. 

Save money at Lulus, Chick-fil-a, Papa John’s, Dutch Brothers, Chegg, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more. Some deals might not be available in your location.

The leaderboards and achievements for students who stay focused the most create a competitive atmosphere in class. Are you staying focused more? Find out how you rank against other students at your school and students across the nation. Save money, stay focused with Pocket Points.

> Timer: Stay focused and earn points
> Marketplace: Spend points on student coupons and rewards
> Leaderboard: See where you stack up on the leaderboard
> Achievements: Get achievements for hitting goals

Tweet us @PocketPoints or email us at team@pocketpoints.com for suggestions or support.

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