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Developer SNOW INC.
BundleID com.linecorp.b612
Version 9.0.9
Size 119.6MB
Released August 12,2014
Updated February 17,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 46272
Support https://contact.line.me/en/
Language English ,Indonesian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Thai ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.3

Comment information

  • AmyB8484 - 2020-02-12 07:04:44

    Absolutely amazing!

    This app is absolutely amazing. I'm in awe of how accurately it can read your facial features to fit the filters to them correctly, and it gives you so many options of things you can do to your face. The reshaping looks 100% natural and real, no one would be able to tell you'd made alterations to the picture. The makeup filters fit to your eyes and lips perfectly. I've used other apps that add makeup to your face, and often they don't fit correctly, so for instance the lipstick or eyeliner will be all over the place and not on your lips and eyes like it should be. This app gets it perfectly in the right spot every time. The only thing I would change is that I wish there were more makeup options, but if I don't like the ones offered, I save the pic, then use YouCam Makeup to do the makeup, since that app has a million options. I use this app all the time. You can make yourself look like a model. Well worth the few dollars for an upgrade.

  • moomy 112 - 2020-02-02 10:02:15


    Ok so I’ve been looking for a filter app, but every one I’ve got you would have to pay to get the filters and stuff. But this app, no money involved, there are super fun cute filters and other photography stuff. I totally recommend this to everyone but little kids unless an adult is around because by Halloween time, there are some really violent and scary filters. But other than that it is the best app, I highly recommend it so download it now! 👏🏼👌🏼

  • lovetoplaygames123 - 2020-02-09 04:03:05

    How can I add my own music

    I love b612 and I have been using it for awile now and it does need a little improvement like how can I add my own music it said I can add my own music but I just can not figure how.another is if you do not take a photo form the app and just take it from camera then when you go back to B612 you can not edit the picture/video which is very disappointing .anyways that is all I have to say and I wish B612 is seeing this comment so they can help with our problem


• Over 1,500 diverse stickers
   - Facial recognition stickers that can distort your face or turn you into a cute animal
   - Shiny effects and stylish analog filters to brighten your day 
   - Various drawing effects that you can draw as you take a video.

• Real-time beauty effects to get the perfect shot at once
   - Perfect skin with a single tap 
   - Find your ideal face shape with an easy-to-use slider

• Immaculate filters to suit your taste
   - High quality filters perfect for selfies, food, landscapes, or any occasion
   - Quick access to your favorite and most used filters

• Easily create high quality music videos
   - Pair your videos with exciting tunes
   - Diverse effects and playback speeds for more dynamic music videos

• Meet cute characters that come to life using AR stickers (Only available on certain devices using iOS 11 or above.)
• Take fun boomerang videos that play on a loop
• Use editing tools from gallery to make your existing photos more special
• Create collages where you can see all your best moments in one place

Face Technology by SenseTime
Image Segmentation & Bokeh Technology by NALBI.Inc