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Rank Class iPhone iPad
Download 289 323
Income 138 730

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Chart Class iPhone iPad
Grossing·Overall 138 638
Grossing·Entertainment 12 41
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BundleID com.naver.linewebtoon
Version 2.2.4
Size 133.7MB
Released July 13,2014
Updated October 31,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 28839
Support https://help2.line.me/LINE_WEBTOON/sp?lang=zh-hant
Language English ,Indonesian ,Thai ,Chinese
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.0

Comment information

  • GracefulGracieGirl - 2019-11-15 09:22:14

    Suggestions 😊

    I’m absolutely obsessed with the stories on this app! My favorite stories right now are Strawberry Seafoam, Cursed Princess Club, True Beauty, and Lets Play. It’s an amazing platform but I only have three suggestions for the app. First is that some of the stories might be not appropriate for certain people. It would be nice if they maybe added something in the descriptions of stories, indicating that no one below, for example, 14 years old. The second suggestion is also kind of related to the first. It’s that they put suggestions for your age. Like when you start the app and it asks for favorite genres, it also asks for age so it can suggest stories that you might like at that age and also it tells you if certain stories are mature or if they might be inappropriate for you. Lastly, for my third suggestion, I love the stories but I get easily annoyed when I finish all the chapters that are out in a single comic. I would like it if you get like a few coins every week for example that you can use. Overall though, I’m obsessed with the app!

  • logicalslimshady - 2019-11-14 09:44:44

    Daily Passes.

    I love WEBTOON so much and always have, but this is gettin ridiculous. I know there are already reviews about this, but nothing is getting done about it in response, so I’d like to add my support to this. A huge part WEBTOON so amazing is the free accessibility. For a completed WEBTOON to have to pay or wait for new episodes is utterly ridiculous. Not only does this make it limited entirely since we can’t even have the episode free forever, but it also means we can’t look back on our favorite WEBTOON and reread the best parts. Newer readers won’t want to wait forever for new chapters and will lose interest in the comic entirely. This creates a problem for the readers because we either can’t read the comic we love or lose interest to a good comic because of this. If that wasn’t bad enough it also is a problem to the author of the WEBTOON, because they’re losing readers because of this. This isn’t a bad app, it’s just making bad choices, that take away from the best part of it.

  • XxwintermoonxX - 2019-11-13 20:40:54

    Daily passes 😭

    I have had this app for many years and absolutely adored it. But the daily pass really needs to stop. It’s frustrating and kind of unfair because it’s on completed comics and sometimes I really want to go back and read bastard, and I forgot where I left off, so sometimes I have to skip through episodes. I can’t do that with daily passes and it’s really making me sad. I can’t be the only one not happy about this. But all I ask is to fix or stop this. I rather spend money on the merch 100%


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