Sailor quiz for Sailor Moon


  • Sailor quiz for Sailor Moon
  • Sailor quiz for Sailor Moon
  • Sailor quiz for Sailor Moon
  • Sailor quiz for Sailor Moon


Developer chihiro maemori
BundleID com.jango.fett.sailorquiz
Version 1.1.0
Size 56.1MB
Released July 13,2014
Updated March 14,2015
Score 1
Review Num 5
Language English ,French ,Italian ,Japanese
Rating 17+
Compatibility 7.1


  • ALSN.321 - 2019-05-05 09:57:38

    What are u saying??😐😐

    I can’t put this in English because I don’t know Japanese


And you make a mistake, Punishment on behalf of the month

[Masterpiece of nostalgia that is again]

I came out at last!
It is the appearance of timeless classics that became a boom and social phenomenon far beyond the realm of girls' comics and animation in the 1990s made the quiz.
I have aligned the quiz mania of that Sailor of which celebrated the 20th anniversary of the birth!
You can do all questions correct?
Some people I was watching with timely, try to solve the one that is not so also have fun!

■ How to play
Start from the "Challenge"
· Questions at random If you select the number of questions "all questions" and "10 questions".
※ problem because I updated daily, the number of questions of all questions will vary

■ Request from the author
Requests and questions, please contact us from the email address below.