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  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor
  • Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor


Developer Adobe Inc.
BundleID com.adobe.lrmobilephone
Version 5.3.1
Size 204.0MB
Released June 22,2014
Updated June 22,2020
Score 4.8
Review Num 88909
Language Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Swedish ,Thai ,Turkish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 12.3


  • Mottaboat - 2020-07-03 06:47:45

    Do you plan to fix the things broken in the June 15 update?

    Since the last update, the app crashes frequently, and exposure compensation highlight clippings no longer works I pay monthly to have this app. I’m happy to pay for a great tool. But should I pay when the tool no longer performs as intended? I make a living creating art and teaching others to use the app. When it doesn’t work it puts a crimp in my business. Hey! I know! Forgive monthly fees until you fix what’s been broken! No? I didn’t think so, but come on! If you're going to take our money, fix the app! Love it when it works!

  • CJMowlow - 2020-07-02 22:42:12

    5.3.1 version has exporting issues

    I would not recommend the 5.3.1 update to anyone with this app. Ever since updating my app to this version, I have not been able to export any photos (edited or unedited) to my phone’s camera roll. When you go to export, you basically experience the wheel of death and after several minutes of waiting, you’re still left with no export. I’ve loved the app up until this update - hoping there’s a new version update soon so I can go back to using the app again.

  • ddiamondds - 2020-07-03 05:25:03

    buggy as hell, needs work

    I can’t count the times I’ve been doing meticulous selective edits and all the sudden the app “crashes” and your forced out and lose all your work. You would expect an industry leader like adobe to provide a seamless experience with this app but at present it’s almost not worth using in lieu of other competitors. I implore the devs to fix these issues ASAP.


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, yet powerful photo editor and camera app. It empowers you to capture and edit stunning images. 

The world’s best photo editing tools give you ultimate control. Finesse the details, and make selective adjustments. 

• Transform a raw photo into a powerful image with one of the world’s most intuitive photo editing apps. 
• Retouch photos to make them pop.  Apply presets, and more.
• Easy-to-use sliders give you control over your photos’ properties. 
• Crop and Rotate tools let you find the size and aspect ratio to best show off your camera work.
• Create super clean shots with straight lines by adjusting the perspective.
• Experiment with Versions of photos to compare different edits without losing the original and pick your favorite look.
• Remove almost anything from your photo with just a touch of the Healing Brush.
• Alter hue and saturation with precision to bring your photos to life with Local Hue Adjustments.

• Click on any photo to discover the steps other Lightroom users take to create their final image.

• Get even more control over your photography with raw format and capture modes, such as Professional and HDR. 
• Be inspired with interactive tutorials and learn how to use the photo editor.
• Complete step-by-step lessons curated by fellow photographers.
• Learn the basics in no time.

• Create albums with a click. 
• Use the photo editor’s handy organizational tools.
• Adobe Sensei harnesses the power of AI to tag and organize your photos 
• Identify people in your photos

• Group Albums allow you to collect everyone’s photos in one place. 
• Control who has access and what they can see.
• Share your creative process with other users in the Discover section of the app so they can see how you got from start to finish. 
• Photo edits sync seamlessly, so any changes you make are always up-to-date

• Retouch your full-resolution shots and have both originals and edits backed up to the cloud, ready to access anywhere.
• Searchable keywords are automatically applied to help you sort through photos without tagging them.
If you are on an iPad, be sure to download “Adobe Lightroom for iPad”

Premium (Optional in-app purchase)
The recurring monthly payment is automatically charged to your iTunes account. To stop service, go to account Settings and turn off auto-renew at least 24-hours before the end of your billing period. Prorating is unavailable — when you turn off auto-renew, service will continue until the end of that month’s billing period.

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