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  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home
  • Wayfair – Shop All Things Home


Developer Wayfair LLC
BundleID com.wayfair.WayfairApp
Version 5.18.2
Size 191.9MB
Released March 30,2014
Updated November 13,2019
Score 5
Review Num 635212
Support https://www.wayfair.com/help/contact_us
Language English ,French ,German
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0

Comment information

  • Shuggy_Test - 2019-12-08 03:42:42

    Horrible. Just horrible. Never received item.

    Wayfair is the biggest scam going. I honestly believe that they are trying to sell merchandise that they don’t even have their hands on. I placed an order just under $500 on Black Friday. It was to arrive in 2 shipments. One on 12/3 and the other on 12/4. On 12/4 I get a shipping update stating that the item was just shipped out on 12/4 and it would be arriving same day. I called and customer service could not explain how it would be possible to get an item that day if it was being shipped that day. Turns out they changed the delivery date but they can’t tell em when it will be because the system has to update in 12 hours. I ask for a supervisor who can magically see the information that is supposedly not updated. She says that there was a problem in the warehouse. Asking what that meant, I asked if that meant they didn’t actually have the items. I let her know we could cancel my order because I needed the stuff to cook with and I could go locally and get it. She said no they definitely have the items but they didn’t have enough people working to fulfill orders. That they weren’t expecting so many orders on Black Friday. She then said she was in contact with the warehouse and my shipments would be arriving the following day and Friday. I asked what should I do if they are not here because I still don’t believe they even have the items and she said no you will have them. She sent me an email detailing our conversation. So Thursday comes and goes no package from Wayfair. Friday comes and goes no package from Wayfair. I call Wayfair and immediately get put through to a supervisor named Michelle. She wants to give me more excuses and I just want my items. She keeps saying she is talking to Gabrielle the first supervisor but at the same time when I refer to what I was told by her, she says I wasn’t part of that conversation, I don’t know what Gabrielle told you. Gabrielle is overseeing my case. I asked what does overseeing mean because when I tell a customer I am overseeing their case it means that I am personally taking a look at the case at least daily and proactively letting the customer know of any changes. Her response was she doesn’t know what promises Gabrielle made me. She said that I had access to MY ACCOUNT as often as I would like. I sarcastically responded how grateful i am that i can look at conflicting information over and over and try to make sense of it not once but I could do it when ever I want it must be my birthday and what a great gift i have received. Suddenly out of the blue she accuses me of yelling at her, I responded over and over that I was not yelling. I asked her to stop accusing me of yelling and she kept saying I was yelling so I YELLED “THIS IS ME YELLING, I WAS NOT YELLING AT YOU” and she hung up on me. So I called back and Gabrielle answered the phone she tells me that as she told me previously FedEx is the one who was swamped by Black Friday. It is their fault that I still do not have my package and that she never said that I would get my items she only said it was possible. Then she tells me to stop yelling and hung up. WTH?! So I call a third time and at this point I am literally seeing red. I didn’t even hear what the other person said her name was, but I said “you can cancel my order right now. I’m done playing these games and don’t you dare hang up on me again.” To which she replied “I’m sure no one hung up on you.” I gave her my order number said cancel it. She said she couldn’t cancel it because it was en route. I advised it had been en route since Wednesday from what I was told when I tried to cancel then but I wasn’t even charged until Thursday. I had been given too many different dates their emails have conflicting information it should have been cancelled before it was even billed since that was my first request. She said it would depend on if Fedex was willing to reroute. I advised her it did not and then I would utilize by buyer protection with my bank to cancel. I had made a good faith effort to cancel through the company and not only will they not cancel they won’t provide me with the product I ordered or an explanation of their own communications. I hung up with her and filed a dispute with my bank. Never again will I shop with this company. Oh and somehow through all this they decided to ship me a second attachment order to say sorry? But I already ordered that package and you would not need two sets...

  • friendsoso - 2019-12-08 03:51:14


    Hi review is kinda bad due to the lack of payment options and when I do make payment you guys want to charge me 10.00 for a payment really!! You need to have more options I will not be charging to this account anymore do to lack of ability to make a payment.

  • yumma16 - 2019-12-08 01:01:33

    I love this company!!!

    My first purchase was a new bedspread for my room and it was a quick shipment Awesome quality. I am definitely going to keep ordering from this website. This website has great prices for their quality of items. The website is still very easy to navigate.

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