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  • Drillbook Next Reader
  • Drillbook Next Reader
  • Drillbook Next Reader
  • Drillbook Next Reader
  • Drillbook Next Reader


Developer Scott Rundell
BundleID com.drillbooknext.dbnreader
Version 1.09
Size 7.4MB
Released January 16,2014
Updated April 17,2017
Score 4
Review Num 18
Support http://www.drillbooknext.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0

Comment information

  • MiniMidget01 - 2014-08-26 18:54:29


    I bought this thinking it would be similar to their previous app, Drillbook. However, that wasn't the case. I couldn't find how to create a new show, and it seemed that you could only import shows created by directors from the $10 version. So, I went to their website and looked it up, and it displayed a menu with a "create a show" button. But, when I tried that, there wasn't one. Deleting and reinstalling didn't help, so I still don't know. I'll just go back to using the non-updated Drillbook.

  • Bdmassey1 - 2014-10-29 07:01:21


    When our director updates our show with new sets, we need to make a note on each set and he takes a grade for it. Instead of having to retype all of our sets, it would be nice if they would just transfer over when you download the new sets.

  • Portal luver - 2017-01-04 02:56:28

    Very helpful

    This past year was my first year marching and it was an amazing help! I would like there to be an option to upload the shows music so you can watch and listen, and also for there to be an easy way to change sets. But overall great app


Marching band and drum corps drill at your fingertips. See how every count and every set fits into your marching show. Follow shows created on DrillbookNext.com or Drillbook Next: Directors.  Drillbook Next Reader does not create shows, only follows them 

"Game Changer - This app is one of the most amazing tools I have used in my years of teaching marching band. So much you can do with it, no more carrying around paper charts trying to explain what a move should look like, students can watch, step-by-step, and see their coordinates the entire way. A total game changer for my band!" - SHS Drumline 

"Simply the best drillbook app on the App Store - As a band director, I've fallen victim to carrying around the "large binder of charts" that the profession demands. Not any more!! Upon seeing what this app can offer, it's well worth the price, both for students and directors. Seeing every dot on the field in motion and, at any time, having the ability to click on a member and see their dot book coordinate is a massive timesaver and makes rehearsals infinitely more efficient." - NBRFWooo! 

"Wonderful tool for drill - Beautiful, well polished, feature rich, prefect for quickly knowing what the drill should look like and the exact coordinates for any student." - Wooky 

"This is the best app for reading drill - I seriously can't say enough about how well this app works. Uploading a show is simple, it updates easily, it's excellent and the developer is very responsive to issues." - Roskoski 


Follow your dot as your marching show develops. See how you contribute to the big picture for every count. Know your show forwards and backwards. Use a set book for any marcher in the show. 


Pinpoint each marcher for every count. View marcher names and color coded drill. Help students get up to speed faster. 


Coordinates for every set and count of your marching show. 

Move forward and backward by counts and sets. 

Pinch and zoom in and out. 

Jump to any set or song. 

Play the show with tempos entered by the show creator. 

Marcher View flips the field. 

Personalized set book for each marcher. 

Print set cards for each marcher through Set Book Mode. 

Custom notes for each marcher.