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  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83
  • GraphNCalc83


Developer Ernest Brock
BundleID com.ErnestBrock.GrafNCalc83
Version 2.6
Size 9.9MB
Released May 18,2014
Updated October 21,2019
Score 4.5
Review Num 551
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0

Comment information

  • Mim197936 - 2020-01-22 22:08:46

    Great for a Stats class

    I downloaded this for my Math 103 class and it worked fantastic. Colors, capabilities, zooming in and out, just limitless in my opinion . Although it was hard having to use an archaic piece of plastic in my proctored exam. I am so surprised that graphing calculators have not changed at all since 1998 and they are still so expensive. I’m hoping soon the colleges will adopt policies that allow us to use this technology such as this app. You would think that if were being video taped in a proctored exam that we could use this program and not the junky piece of plastic they provide.

  • Edw42 - 2019-12-11 23:17:26

    A Really Useful App

    I discovered the TI-83 Graphing Calculator a long time ago, and reached for it to do lengthy calculations frequently. When GrafNCalc83 came out I was very excited about it since I could now do the same calculations on my iPhone. But it was missing a convenient way to create Programs - until now. I can’t wait to create some programs that I use frequently. Many thanks to the author for maintaining this App AND for adding all the new features. If you use the TI-83, you’ll love this App, and you can leave your TI at home.

  • alex9982 - 2019-12-02 13:15:09


    Awesome features and constant updates make this a must buy. The developer is super active, and responds to questions quickly. Many times I just need a graphing calculator and this is the only thing I ever go to. It’s literally a few bucks for more features than an actual graphing calculator. If you need something fast and easy, go with this. You won’t regret it. If you need any help, there’s instructions for each function and if that fails, the developer is fast to respond. Awesome app!

Promotional Text

No ads, no in-app purchases, no subscription fees. ***New- significant figures calculator, polynomial root solver, slope field graphing!!


GraphNCalc83 uses touch, color and blazing speed to handle your math problems. The familiar calculator keyboard, arrow keys and functions are enhanced with full touch input for all graphs, editors and menus. Enter calculations in natural textbook format. Enter fractions and view result as fractions. Trace graphs with your finger. Zoom in and out with a pinch. Explore regressions with a tap on the screen. Scroll through the list, matrix and calculation history with a swipe. Tap the ? key for help. Written using the latest 64 bit math libraries, GraphNCalc83 harnesses the amazing computing resources of the iPhone and iPad to provide a colorful, fast and fluid experience. Graphs scroll, glide and zoom smoothly. Matrix, statistics and BASIC programs run 500x times faster than traditional calculators.

GraphNCalc83 includes:

Algebraic entry: Enter problems using full algebraic textbook notation. The command line editor includes interactive parenthesis matching and high lighting, undo and redo, bubble function help and a 200 level calculation history and recall stack. Generate a PDF report of calculations for mailing or printing using the SEND function.

Math functions: Trigonometry, logarithms, function minimum, maximum, numeric integration and derivatives, general solver, real and imaginary numbers, combination, permutation, random number generation, normal, T, chi squared, Fisher, poisson and geometric distributions, binary shift and rotate, test and logic operations, list operations including sort, std. deviation, sum, sequence, matrix determinant, transpose, sum, ref, rref, addition, multiplication.

Graph functions, parametric, f(x,y) and polar equations and statistics plots: Full color graphs with touch to trace, pinch zoom, function minimum, maximum, intersections, asymptotes and numeric integration. Output graphs in high resolution PDF format for mailing or printing. Interactively explore function behavior using variables tied to slider bars.

Statistics, Inferential Statistics and Distributions: A set of inferential statistics worksheets and graphs of distributions are included. The regression analysis screen allows you to quickly compute, view and analyze a data set using a variety of curve fitting methods.

Table: Analyze functions using the table viewer. Use the split screen mode to simultaneously view a graph and table.

Matrix and Lists: Matrix and list editors and a full set of matrix and list operations are built in.

Unit Converter and Constants: Convert between a wide variety of scientific, engineering and common units. A large set of physical constants are also included.

BASIC programming: Create, edit, debug and run BASIC programs.  Programs run more than 500 times faster than traditional calculators. Import and execute .83p and .8xp files.

Chemistry: The calculator includes a full featured periodic table, a mass calculator and a data base of element properties. The touch interface allows you to view and interact with the periodic table to view by series, state, melting point, boiling point, electronegativity, electron affinity, valence, ionization, radius, hardness, modulus, density, conductivity, heat and year discovered.

Geometry: The geometry application computes perimeter and area for a variety of 2d geometric figures including squares, rectangles, parallelograms, triangles, polygons, circles, arcs and ellipses. A full triangle solver and interactive unit circle grapher are built in. Solve line intersections, project a point to a line and find a circle given 3 points.

Finance: Compute time value of money problems including annuities, lump sums and uneven cash flow analysis with IRR and NPV 

Built-in user guide: A user guide is included and is a touch away using the ? key or  ⓘ on any menu.  All functions have a full manual page with description of arguments and examples of use. Pop up bubble help displays function arguments during problem entry and program editing.