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  • Spectrum News: Local Stories
  • Spectrum News: Local Stories
  • Spectrum News: Local Stories
  • Spectrum News: Local Stories
  • Spectrum News: Local Stories
  • Spectrum News: Local Stories


Developer Charter Communications
BundleID com.twcable.twcnews
Version 2.0.3
Size 38.6MB
Released December 9,2013
Updated August 2,2020
Score 4.5
Review Num 334
Support https://www.spectrum.net/support/
Language English ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 13.0


  • Paul2469 - 2019-09-29 23:13:57

    Won’t let me watch video.

    The app keeps telling me that my subscription package does not include this programming. I have a a subscription. Please fix. Tried logging out and logging in even deleted the app and reinstalling. Won’t let me watch video. This app seams “dead” no one at Spectrum support understand the problem or how or who can fix it. I was talking to someone in California who has never heard or seen this app or NY1.

  • allothernamesaretakenreally - 2019-09-19 12:58:06

    In the Papers

    Why when I try to watch In The Papers on this app, it’s telling me I don’t have a subscription for it? What?? I have access to that channel and was even able to watch yesterday. What’s going on? Also when I call the number they tell me I should have access. Help! No on the phone is able to.

  • Jkrhap - 2020-03-29 04:10:46


    Top news story almost never loads, the news feed on the homepage always has old stories. I love NY1 and they deserve better than this app. I’ll be using a browser to access NY1, deleting this app.


Spectrum News is your all-in-one destination for local news, weather forecasts and events. You let us know where you call home, and we customize your experience with stories and information that matter to you and your community.

Available for all Spectrum customers.* If you’re not a Spectrum customer, enjoy free access for 30 days.


• Read, watch and listen to curated news stories by our Spectrum News journalists and local partner publications.
• Browse enhanced articles that help you understand local issues through original reporting, infographics, interactive maps, and much more.
• Watch on demand videos and exclusive series that uncover meaningful stories.
• Listen to original local podcasts that discuss what’s happening in your area.
• Get the latest weather forecasts from our meteorologists and explore interactive radar maps.
• Discover breaking news happening near you.
• Stay up to date with the biggest events in your community and beyond.


• Browse and follow topics you're interested in, including local politics, education, transit, health and more.
• Curate your news experience to see more of what matters to you.


• Watch live news from Spectrum News’ portfolio of local news networks.
• Spectrum News provides TV coverage in Kentucky, Massachusetts, New York City (NY1 & NY1 Noticias), New York State, North Carolina, Ohio, Central Florida (News 13), Southern California, Tampa (Bay News 9), Texas and Wisconsin.

California Consumer Privacy Rights: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/california
California Consumer Do Not Sell My Personal Information: https://www.spectrum.com/policies/your-privacy-rights-opt-out

*Not currently available for SMB or enterprise customers or Spectrum customers receiving mobile service only.