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Developer Tencent Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
BundleID com.tencent.tiantianptu
Version 6.3.5
Size 168.9MB
Released March 27,2014
Updated May 29,2020
Score 4.6
Review Num 3315
Support http://tu.qq.com
Language English ,Japanese ,Korean ,Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.1


  • Arlet McCully - 2020-05-29 19:14:50


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  • Kkqt7 - 2020-06-23 10:31:09

    Perfect in almost every way!

    Love being able to actually edit photos and enhance/add makeup! The edit to make specifically the legs look longer help soooo much for my pics too since my boyfriend doesn’t really know how to angle the camera from a lower angle, so I always look super short lol but it’s super easy to use! Only thing is the skin tone problem, every foundation or edit lightens my skin a lot, I’m not super tan but would like to keep some color or be able to enhance a tan (when I have one) but other than that, this app is my favorite to use!!

  • NoFreebees - 2020-04-19 14:56:31


    This app is racist! It has a face filter of a African American woman so essentially you would be doing black face. It was disgusting to see this filter and the fact that the app has almost five stars is disturbing.


Pitu's blockbuster launch "Crazy Cosplay" has fueled the hot topic "Wuzetian Cospaly", "Primary School Students Cosplay","Uniform Cosplay". With Super multi-burst play mode, such as Selfie Cam, Beauty makeup, Crazy ex-face, Pitu surged to 1st place of App Store in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc
 [Selfie Cam]Super cute, super fun self-timer camera. Beauty filters specifically designed for the portrait, face slimming, enlarge eyes, real-time makeup...A variety of dynamic stickers, become the most lovely one in SNS instantly. Magic background, gesture trigger, 3D decoration, we have everything you want!
 [Edit] One click beautify. Simple and practical operation, cutting, rotating, special effects, spot blur, intelligent fill light, night enhancement, mosaic, star light mirror, instantly make your photos gorgeous.
[Beauty Makeup] One click beauty & makeup, you are the fairy! Intelligent facial features precise positioning ,slimming face, foundation, lip gloss, blush, nose high light, eyebrow, hair, you can even design your smile. A variety of optional makeup, bare, Korean, Japanese, natural...
[Story Collage] Massive fashion templates, exclusive intelligent watermark, create your own personality photo wall, spell a good mood. Record lift story, necessary for travelers!
[Crazy ex-face]Real-time face recognition, rich and varied role-changing, rocket-like update speed. Wuzetian, primary school students, uniforms...One second to turn yourself into super stars!
[GIF Emoticon]All kinds of the hottest stickers nowadays, recording their own expression emoticon.
[PikaPika] lovely creative stickers, make your life soooooo cute. Pink ice, flower honey, holiday island ... ... colorful filters and templates for you to choose. Make your own exclusive stickers immediately!
[Cutout] Easy image matting, creat unique and funny photos! Interesting scene and 3D artistic effect, all for magic photography.
[Dynamic MV]Easy to use MV production tools. Add pictures, select templates, generate a small movie conveniently,you can even add your own music, come and realize your director dream!