Foundations Memory Work C2

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  • Foundations Memory Work C2
  • Foundations Memory Work C2
  • Foundations Memory Work C2
  • Foundations Memory Work C2
  • Foundations Memory Work C2
  • Foundations Memory Work C2
  • Foundations Memory Work C2


Developer Classical Conversations
BundleID com.classicalconversations.Cycle2Tutorials
Version 2.00
Size 642.8MB
Released October 1,2013
Updated August 14,2019
Score 3
Review Num 165
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • gophermusic - 2019-08-28 07:08:00

    Could be so much better

    The folks at CC could make this great with some really basic improvements. Add the songs. Match the timing (for example during skip counting the twos) and slow it down! The map especially goes by way too fast. Also the map should highlight the geographical areas with a new color not just add the names. Also the timeline song should be included. These are just a few improvements that should be made by this great organization/company. I am curious why it isn’t better.

  • ajburgess - 2019-09-13 18:27:01

    Not User Friendly

    Easier than skipping through the CD but some growth for improvement: -The audio starts at week 1 every time and you have to scroll to your week. Wish it froze on the week you’re on with the ability to skip to other weeks. -The audio starts as soon as you click on a subject. Wish there was a play button to start. -The timeline song is not included. Please please add the timeline song!

  • classicalmom754321 - 2019-09-10 07:34:57


    Was looking forward to the updated version for cycle 2. Missing the history highlights. Those really led to great discussions in our house. They are not in this updated version and it kinda takes away two stars for the app 🤷🏻‍♀️ they are necessary. I don’t want my child to memorize the sentence I want her to have context to attach it too

Promotional Text

Updated for the Fifth Edition of the Foundations Curriculum!


Classical Conversations®
Foundations Memory Work Tutorials, Cycle 2

Now updated for the Fifth Edition of the Foundations Curriculum!

Strengthen your brain by memorizing quality content with art and song in a beautiful, interactive format in seven subject areas. Features include enhanced graphics and interactivity, Classical Conversations® Classical Acts & Facts® timeline, and the U.S. presidents!

Classical educators know the importance of memorizing the grammar—the basic facts and vocabulary—of a subject. Now you can memorize the foundational knowledge of seven topics in a fun, interactive iPad and iPhone application. 

In Cycle 2, Classical Conversations students memorize 161 events and people in the timeline, including the U.S. presidents; 24 history sentences from medieval to modern world history; 24 sites or features of European and world geography; 24 science questions and answers on ecology, astronomy, and physics; multiplication tables (1 through 15), squares, roots, cubes, and basic math laws and conversions; Latin verb endings; and English grammar rules. This app corresponds to the Foundations Curriculum, Fifth Edition, released in 2018.

Medieval to modern world history is presented in an interactive application with songs and artwork designed to make memorizing enjoyable.

Now integrated with other Classical Conversations resources, each history sentence and science question points you to the corresponding Classical Acts & Facts® card, handy flashcards for classical educators that will expand your memory work in depth and breadth.

No matter your age, you can build a firm foundation of knowledge by memorizing these building blocks of education.

Classical Conversations Foundations students, ages 4 through 12, have been using these tools in our online subscription service, CC Connected®. The iPad and iPhone application offers these features:
• Touch screen slides horizontally to reveal memory work by subject
• Touch screen slides vertically to study each subject by week
• Touch screen allows students to slide back and forth through the U.S. presidents 
• Navigates back and forth and home easily

Classical Conversations® empowers homeschooling parents and establishes classical, Christian communities that equip children with a biblical worldview and the classical tools of learning in order to impact the world for God’s glory.

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