Cartoon Tongue Twisters. English Language. FREE


  • Cartoon Tongue Twisters. English Language. FREE
  • Cartoon Tongue Twisters. English Language. FREE
  • Cartoon Tongue Twisters. English Language. FREE
  • Cartoon Tongue Twisters. English Language. FREE
  • Cartoon Tongue Twisters. English Language. FREE


Developer Online Science Classroom, LLC
BundleID com.OSC.pattersEngFree
Version 1.1.0
Size 54.4MB
Released October 27,2013
Updated April 10,2015
Score 4.8
Review Num 8
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 5.1.1


  • Reina1564 - 2017-02-16 03:40:25


    Very useful to develop alliteration awareness.

  • Tato Num1 - 2014-02-05 18:36:57

    Nada interesante.

    Perdida de tiempo. No sirve.


Speaking English is fancy and useful! In short, everybody should be able to do it. 
LEARN ENGLISH with our app! 
TONGUE TWISTERS are the most available and effective way to learn a language. 

►Tongue twisters with various levels of difficulty 
►Audio recorded by native speakers in two speed modes 
►Creating your own recordings 
►Practicing pronunciation speed 
►Improving enunciation 
►Learning English 
►Colorful animations 
►Funny Cartoon characters 

The FREE version available 9 tongue twisters.
The FULL version offers 28 tongue twisters! 

Speaking English has become a necessity in the modern world, not just a desired skill. English is the most spoken and demanded language in the world. 
So let’s learn it together! 
The “English tongue twisters” app will help you extend your vocabulary, improve your diction and learn how to speak English fluently. 
“English tongue twisters” is a kind of a live book, with its pages inhabited by animated characters. You only need to turn around your tablet to set them in motion! This will make the learning process into an amusing game. 
Tongue twisters recordings are made by native English speakers. The audio is recorded in two speed modes: slow and fast. 
In order to learn a tongue twister by heart, you need to listen to it several times in the slow-speed mode memorizing the correct pronunciation of the tones and words. Next, repeat the tongue-twister in chorus with the speaker. And only then articulate it yourself. When the correct enunciation has been exercised, you can try to go through all these steps again in the fast-speed mode. 
You can make your own recordings of each tongue twister and then compare them to those made by the speaker. 
All the tongue twisters in the app are divided into three difficulty levels. Knowing your own proficiency in English, you can select the required category and improve your language skills. 
Speaking English means having many opportunities. 
The “Carton Tongue Twisters” app is your personal aid in learning the English language!