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  • Camera Angle
  • Camera Angle
  • Camera Angle
  • Camera Angle


Developer y-design
BundleID com.y-dsgn.cameraangle
Version 2.0
Size 4.9MB
Released September 27,2013
Updated July 22,2018
Score 4.15625
Review Num 32
Language English ,Japanese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


  • Micrough A Gression - 2019-07-13 09:46:52

    Bait and switch

    This app may be okay, but not the initial paid version. I detest devs who create paid apps where you can’t even see the functionality until you buy it, and only then do you learn you need to pay more to make it functional. The settings don’t even allow for calibration in this basic mode (not sure if it’s possible in the “pro” version, but I won’t be spending any more to find out). This dev could have had something great here, and even something I’d be willing to pay more for, so long as I don’t feel like a bait and switch victim.

  • ContentOwner - 2020-03-07 07:41:40

    Just a very basic camera with the ability to display angles and a compass.

    The camera portion of the app is VERY basic with the ability to display camera tilt, and roll angles and compass direction. There is only one fixed aspect ratio. The app needs a lot of things to be useful. Besides aspect ratios, it needs a grid, zoom, GPS data, time and date. It would also be nice for it to offer the option to produce two photos. One regular photo and another with the data embedded in the photo. With that option you would be able to reproduce the same photo at another time so that you can compare changes over time.

  • Alibi75 - 2019-09-25 03:33:28

    Supposed to be full version free.

    It was one of those 24 hour get the full version free deals. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Limited features and nothing beats a loud full screen add popping up. I’ll go back to the version already on my phone.


While shooting a picture, You can confirm the direction and the angle of the device at a glance.
This app is available in various scenes. For example, when you want to take exactly the building by horizontal and vertical, the documents from just above, the ceiling paintings, with adjust the direction, and so on.

[PAN] Angle of the left and right as the vertical axis of the device. Direction of the compass is displayed when the screen is perpendicular to the ground.
[TILT] Angle of the up and down as the horizontal axis of the device.
[ROLL] Angle of the rotation as the front and back axis of the device. Direction of the compass is displayed when the screen is horizontal to the ground.

Compatible with front/rear camera, flash AUTO/ON/OFF, auto focus/tap focus.