Fotor HDR – HDR Camera & High Resolution Images Creator

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  • Fotor HDR – HDR Camera & High Resolution Images Creator
  • Fotor HDR – HDR Camera & High Resolution Images Creator
  • Fotor HDR – HDR Camera & High Resolution Images Creator
  • Fotor HDR – HDR Camera & High Resolution Images Creator
  • Fotor HDR – HDR Camera & High Resolution Images Creator


Developer Chengdu Everimaging Science and Technology Co., Ltd
BundleID com.everimaging.fotorhdr
Version 1.4.0
Size 26.8MB
Released October 6,2013
Updated December 11,2014
Score 3
Review Num 127
Language English ,French ,German ,Japanese ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 6.0

Comment information

  • None!!!!1234233 - 2019-08-08 09:59:41

    Worst app ever!

    Won’t even allow me to take photos. Tells me to go to privacy settings, camera, and allow the app to access photos, but the app isn’t even showing there to allow access. So not only can I not take photos but it won’t even import pics from my library. Paid for an app that doesn’t even work! I need a refund!!!

  • Threadster - 2019-04-09 13:42:43


    Wish I would have read the dev notes before buying! App has not received an update in over 4 years. Literally doesn’t work at all anymore. If this company had any integrity, they would pull it from the store, push an update, or just offer the broken app for free. Waste of money!

  • Darnell Liang - 2019-04-28 12:03:49

    I couldn’t use it on iPhone 7

    It always reminds me of turning on the privacy about the camera when using it. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t show itself right here. I could do nothing at all and couldn’t use the app with my camera.


Capture life’s full range on the go!

Perfectly compatible with iOS 8. In addition, we have listened to our users requests and added the "import" function. You can now import your photos to generate great looking photos with Fotor HDR.

• Fotor HDR - The best choice for HDR! The most advanced HDR app allows you to create your masterpieces in just a couple of clicks with the best, easiest inspired interface.

• Dual capture mode - Innovative technology lets you shoot and process HDR immediately, or shoot and automatically save the multiple-exposure sets for later processing so you can keep shooting fast!

• 1-Tap to apply one of 10 exclusive brand-new HDR preset styles to suit your mood, from natural looking to surreal and artistic options.

• Further refine the HDR preset styles by fine-tuning the brightness, contrast, saturation and Vignette for complete artistic control.

• Advanced alignment and ghost-reduction technology lets you shoot hand-held without worrying about moving objects.

• Take your HDR show on the road, no more carrying around heavy gear or figuring out crazy exposures.

• Fotor HDR is the first app in the App Store with the most advanced capture modes, keep multiple-exposure sets, full 32-bit HDR processing, and a range of editing options. The easiest, most powerful way to capture, process, and share you HDR images.

It all started with HDR at Fotor, and now we’re going back to our roots with Fotor HDR!

A revolutionary app that sports a High Dynamic Range camera with multiple HDR Styles. So  capture life’s full range with a single tap and then spice it up using one of Fotor’s exclusive HDR preset styles. It’s slick, fast, easy and powerful!

No need for heavy equipment or complicated interfaces. Just reach in your pocket, open the app and fire away. Fotor HDR was designed for you, so you’re totally in control from capture to completion. Immortalize those special moments in High Dynamic Range and exactly as you see them… on the go, wherever you are, and every time inspiration strikes. Fotor HDR is the first app in the App Store to give you all these functions and more for complete control of your images.

Fotor HDR has arrived to let you capture life’s full range on the go!