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  • Perfect Shift
  • Perfect Shift
  • Perfect Shift
  • Perfect Shift


Developer Lextre Rus
BundleID com.lextre.cr3d
Version 1.0.65
Size 326.7MB
Released February 17,2015
Updated September 11,2018
Score 4.5
Review Num 175
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 7.0


  • Malazaba6152 - 2019-05-23 12:40:56

    Perfect shift

    I guess I’ve been playing this game too long. I used to love it. But it just doesn’t make sense anymore. I own all the cars you can buy with cash. I’ve bought all the customization points you can buy with cash. I’ve got 100 million in the bank. Yet I still get ridiculous cash rewards. Amounts that I could win with just a few minutes of racing. What about diamonds? What about tickets? The challenge is gone. I’m bored to tears. Goodbye.

  • Malazaba6152 - 2019-03-24 10:45:24

    Perfect Shift:

    Love the game. I’m on my sixth time through. I’m taking my time and only upgrading for Club Races. But the daily rewards are terrible. It takes only minutes to win what most of the rewards give you. A real reward would be diamonds or tickets. The Club Races are this games biggest attraction. Please please please make them more accessible. ALSO -Why do you offer level 4 cars when I’m on level 1? I thought you were gonna fix this problem!!

  • Malazaba6152 - 2018-10-08 19:06:05

    Perfect Shift:

    I love the game, but it costs too much real money to try all the cars. It would be nice if ALL the cars could be purchased with race winnings. (Poor people like to play, too.) On windows, you could get discounts on cars you could use right away. On iOS, I’m still on level 1 and it’s trying to sell me level 4 cars! What’s the point of that?!


Due to popular demand, the Perfect Shift game soundtrack can also now be downloaded on iTunes so you can listen to your favourite tunes from the game even when you’re not playing!

«One of few must-have apps for your new tablet and smartphone» - Daily Star 

Perfect Shift, the ultimate drag racing game with the best cars, is now available for iOS! 
Compete with challengers from around the world in visually stunning 3D race environments!
Challenge the toughest opponents to race in abandoned tunnels, on deserted city streets and dark industrial areas. Design and upgrade your dream car to improve performance on the strip by purchasing with powerful engines, better tires and making aerodynamic tweaks in your well-equipped 3D garage.
- Highest quality graphics in breathtaking 3D urban environments with superb sound & light effects
- Race 25 unique cars race through a range of urban settings –  tunnels, city streets and industrial areas
- Challenge your fearless opponents in regular races, club tournaments, challenging daily competitions, ladders and time races to achieve world domination
- Strategically tune your car: upgrade your engine, turbo, gear box, tires, nitro, weight and aerodynamics 
- Customize your dream car to your personal taste! 
PLEASE NOTE! This game is free to download but allows you to also purchase virtual items within the app.
Perfect Shift is published by LEXTRE Ltd.