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Developer Apple
Version 8.2.3
Size 20.2MB
Released June 3,2013
Updated June 24,2020
Score 4.2
Review Num 827
Language English ,Japanese ,Korean ,Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.4


  • Joey Hamm A. - 2020-03-17 14:50:21

    Apple TV+

    My first complaint is there is no place with the Apple TV app to complain. Thus I’m putting it hear. I find it nearly impossible to browse through the free content and there seems to be no way to filter through genres. How can you you search for content that is included with the 4.99 fee or the free 1 year trial with purchase of new apple device. The app and the tv box don’t seem to connect . Yes it’s free for now but it lacks the ease of use seen with better streaming services such as Hulu , Netflix or amazon prime. If it does have these capabilities then it is way to cumbersome to find as I have found no relief in the time I’ve invested trying to use it. I suggest using it while it’s free but sticking with the streaming services that respect out time we have to use to get the ball rolling. If there is any free content , good luck finding it. As much as apple boasted the arrival its sad when you really dig in. How many times we and myself included fall for hype of how great the new arrivals will be. Insanity is buying a new apple product every time one comes out. Even more insane believing in the snake oil charms they advertise. I’m just as insane as all of us are in continuing to buy for the last 10 or more years. Here I sit on my iPhone 11 max pro that does a few things more than my last but fails when adjusting screen orientation and sound coming in and out like a broken speaker. Help me end this apple addiction. I feel like a fool that keeps coming back. Help

  • janant98 - 2020-04-15 11:23:52

    Better and better but still has bugs/missing things

    The new speed control is great. I enable subtitles when watching videos though, and on my iPad if I pause the video, close the app, and reopen it, the subtitles are gone and don’t come back even when turning subtitles off and back on again. It would also be great if the app could properly restore the application state, since it tends to get jettisoned in the background quite easily.

  • FaceTime Bug in CarPlay - 2020-02-27 10:23:19


    I tried to report an bug in FaceTime Video Calls when connected to CarPlay but it wasn’t allowing to report the error. The problem is that your call gets paused on the opposite caller’s mobile but we can see their faces. Kindly check it and fix it.


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