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Developer TransferWise LTD
BundleID com.transferwise.Transferwise
Version 6.3
Size 93.4MB
Released October 3,2013
Updated October 26,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 20340
Language Chinese ,English ,French ,German ,Hungarian ,Indonesian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Romanian ,Russian ,Spanish ,Turkish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 11.0


  • AnnaMyrha - 2020-10-20 14:52:10

    They charged me fees for something they told me to do, and then called me crazy. Might be fraud

    I had an absolutely terrible experience with this app, be very careful before you use it they are rude, unprofessional and extremely suspicious. I was trying to use the app for three weeks and they kept asking me to verify in different ways, one of which was to add $20 into my account, nothing was working and apparently I deposited that amount 3 times. It kept logging me off and then back on, it was a nightmare. I repeatedly emailed them asking them for advise and all they kept doing is referring me to huge articles on some webpage, which of course, I had no time to read. Was it so difficult to help me and tell me what to do? Anyway, once I was finally able to get the app to work, I asked them ho I can tae my $20 back that was just sitting there, and apparently, I had to transfer it back to my account but they were charging me a fee ????? When I inquired why I am paying a fee on something that they told me to do as necessary to verify the account, they replied with an aggressive answer saying that they never said that, and that I came up with that all by myself, and basically, in kinder words to get lost and just pay the fee if i wanted the money because everything was my fault ?????? I replied and told them that why would I put money into my account out of the blue if that wasn’t a necessity and if they didn’t ask me for it, and they continued with a dismissive unprofessional attitude, saying that there’s nothing they can do and this is their policy and if I was experiencing problems i should’ve called them from the beginning. I have never experienced such unprofessional, disgusting behavior in my life from an app that is supposed to be “serious”. Shame. And after I wrote the review someone reached out saying that they are sorry and I should send them the email correspondence, but this popped up in my phone and then completely disappeared and there’s no way to really reach anyone… so another fraud?? Seriously I don’t know what is going on with this app, I don’t know if its fraud, but I do know that they extorted money from me and then they asked me for a fee to retrieve it. So when you do try to sign up and they ask you for $20 be very cautious. This is wrong, and we all have a moral and social obligation to report fraud when it happens. If the app team would like to get in touch with me, please do so in a manner that I can reply. Not in a message that will disappear in 3 seconds.

  • colemmmmmmmm - 2020-10-20 08:33:54

    How is this so highly rated?

    Maybe they bought all these reviews. This app has been nothing but a disappointment. I’ve only attempted to send money once with this app. This was two weeks ago and it still hasn’t gone through. It’s been extremely difficult to get their support to actually reply to an email and when they have they haven’t provided any info on why it’s taking so long. update: Their developer reply to my review is just as useless. They have no shame trying to shift the blame towards me. They state that they likely didn’t receive my money which is absolutely false. If they didn’t receive my money why did the app state that they had received it and my transfer finally went through three weeks later after I put them on blast on Twitter? Apparently that was the only way to get their attention. They also suggest getting in touch with their support. Which I already stated above I had tried and they took several days to reply. & I had to follow up several times to get the same useless canned replies. While my transfer finally did go through three weeks later, it seemed it was only because I complained publicly on Twitter because their support was so horrendous. I received several twitter DMs from people who said they were experiencing the same thing. I absolutely do not recommend using this app. They very clearly are having problems keeping their operations up and running smoothly.

  • justgyro - 2020-10-23 19:55:00

    Extremely convenient service!

    Love the service that TransferWise provides! Started using them a couple years ago to make monthly transfers to an account back home as they have very low fees. But after recently downloading the app, seeing how useful it is and receiving my debit card, I plan on cancelling the aforementioned bank account and use them for the majority of my foreign banking needs. They make everything easy and seamless, especially for travelers dealing with multiple currencies! Thank you and please keep up the awesome work over there!


With this app in hand, you'll have more money in your pocket. Because every time you send, spend, or receive money internationally, you'll pay the lowest possible price. 

Join over 6 million people around the world who are already saving.

*Send money internationally*
Traditional providers like banks and PayPal might mark up your exchange rate, or charge you high fees, or both. At TransferWise, we do neither. You always get the real exchange rate, for a low, upfront fee, when you send money to over 70 countries.

*Spend money internationally*
Your free multi-currency account will let you hold over 40 currencies at once and convert between them – at the real rate – whenever you want. And you can spend them around the world with our debit card.

*Receive money internationally*
Your account gives you bank details for the UK, US, Eurozone, and Australia – so you can get paid from those places with zero fees.

*Do it all on your own time*
Think of this app as your international finance dashboard – available anytime, any place. It will also keep you updated on your transactions with push notifications, and let you log in to your account with Touch or Face ID.

Bye bye bank fees, hello world.