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Developer Sales Success Consulting, LLC
BundleID com.ssc.ReadersMagnifier
Version 2.0
Size 12.6MB
Released February 19,2013
Updated March 21,2017
Score 1.4
Review Num 5
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


  • 6stringpdx - 2013-12-27 05:41:12

    Neat idea – but dump the focus function

    Disappointing. It essentially utilizes the already built-in flash light coupled with the camera zoom. If you move the phone, even slightly (which you must do because it has to be held very close to the text) it attempts to focus – which causes it to first unfocus. Therefore, it’s constant Focus, Unfocus, Focus, Unfocus – with every movement…. Incredibly annoying. I would only use it in the most dyer of circumstances. You’re better off just turning the flashlight on and working through it.

  • k8gladst1 - 2018-12-02 16:43:18

    If you want five stars, fix the diopter function ...

    If you want five stars, fix the diopter function ... it doesn’t work on iPad Pro 10.5 running the current system beta. It works fine on iPhone 8+ that is running the same beta, but on the iPad it is “stuck” at 0.5, and won’t allow selecting any other number.

  • TriathleteNutJob - 2013-02-22 19:26:05

    Glasses App a Lifesaver

    Will find use for this GlassesApp every day. So simple to use. Worth the buck. Out to dinner last night and cound't find my glasses. Glasses App helped me out in a pinch. Also liked the flashlight feature. I would recommend.


Forgot your reading glasses at home? Reader Glasses is a glasses substitute when you quickly need to read small print in low light. It's zoom, magnification, flashlight features are easy to use for the iPhone5, iPhone6, iPhone7 and the latest version of IOS. If you've misplaced or lost your glasses, readers, or bifocals, let Reader Glasses magnify and zoom a menu, "how to" instructions, directions, or fine print. If you find the need to magnify small text in low light, Reader Glasses will be your reading glasses.


·         Magnify and read small print in low light. Fast and easy zoom and flashlight access
·         Unlike your phone's camera, you are able to magnify and use the flashlight at the same time
·         Slide for easy zoom magnification
·         Reading glasses option - Pick your fixed diopter .5 to 2.0
·         Fully compliant with the latest IOS
·         Magnification glasses modes: Auto or Locked     
·         Portrait and landscape zoom orientation