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Released January 29,2013
Updated February 20,2015
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  • iAbel66 - 2019-03-25 10:39:49

    Price Change

    The site was responding slowly, I finished filling in the information for travelers and the site froze. I restated and the price jumped up after having an hour and a half on the previous price deal. I called and customer representative said she could not help me because they do not control the pricing. I ask if they controlled the site? And she said no. So not sure what is or who is behind the faults advertisement. At the same time I was booking this a friend who was invited booked theirs on the discounted price. Horrible customer service and false advertising of price.

  • barbaramania!! - 2019-07-03 11:00:57

    From Marie Barnes, a very happy customer!!

    Your manager has been called with my glowing review of BARBARA TARBET, if I could have your office address, I would like to send my comments to you via snail mail. I experienced a fantastic and knowledgeable person in Barbara, especially since We are 1st timers. Thanks, Marie Barnes The Barnes’s

  • Brandon__Palm - 2019-04-23 09:45:08

    Not good anymore

    This app used to be good but now when you try to search for a flight and hotel bundle it keeps saying “ it’s not you, it’s us. Connection failed” happens all the time! Fix it!


The app puts the Vegas lowdown at your fingertips, and delivers a heck of a time. Its mission is to go where no app has gone before in answering the age-old Las Vegas question: “What now?” Because having the most fun in Las Vegas isn’t just about what you’re doing now. It’s about what you’re doing next.

This is a useful, intuitive-to you, real-time, insider-sourced, comprehensive connection to fun in Las Vegas, serving up all the information you need, the way you want it, so you can have the best time possible when you’re in Las Vegas. 

If you're not in Vegas, the app allows you to easily plan and book your upcoming Vegas vacation. And, when you're in Vegas, the app really shines.It:

• Geo-informs results so you know what’s happening near you.

• Geo-locates you in relation to target destinations. So “where’s the bathroom?” is really “where’s the nearest bathroom?”

• Allows you to wishlist all your favorite Vegas experiences.

• Presents information in both object and theme sets, so for instance, you can look up spas, bars, or magic shows as easily as you can look up Off the Beaten Path, All-Night Party, or Hangover Helpers (most likely in that order). 

• Allows you to search for your Vegas experience by date, interest, staff picks and more.

ABOUT VEGAS.COM: is the only online travel agency in the world that can invite you to Las Vegas, not just tell you to go there. We live in Vegas. We work here, play here and party here, and we know this city cold. We’re your Vegas insiders. That means we can give you all the on-the-ground and behind-the-scenes intelligence you need to know what’s happening and what’s hot. Plus, we serve up the best deals on hotels, air + hotel packages, shows, tours, attractions, dining and nightlife. In a city with lots to do and lots of secrets, it pays to know someone who can help you go from having a nice, pleasant time to having the time of your life. We’re We give you Vegas From the Inside™.