Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book


  • Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book
  • Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book
  • Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book
  • Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book
  • Boating Suite: Complete Boating Log Book


Developer Boating Suite, LLC
BundleID com.boatingcafe.boatingsuite
Version 2.1.3
Size 8.0MB
Released January 15,2013
Updated January 30,2017
Score 3.5
Review Num 60
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


  • tmccabejr - 2017-03-06 06:07:01

    Can't Login or Create Account

    UPDATE- 3/5/17: I have now communicated with the developer and he advises that iCloud needs to be turned on and iCloud Drive must also be activated for Boating Suite in order to creat an accoun nowt. This information will hopefully soon appear on the Support page for this app. Original Review: I have used the free version of this app to keep track of boat maintenance. But to export the data (so it could be archived or printed) you need this paid version. So, I bought it. This version won't let me create an account (says I need to be logged into iClound - and I am). I tried logging in using the previous account details and that yields the same error message. The support page states as of this version even older users need to create a new account. I sent a note to the developer's support address and never received a reply! So far my $4.99 purchase has been a waste of time and money.

  • JohnO99981 - 2019-03-24 09:48:57

    Had it for awhile

    I like the app. I don't think I really put it through its paces yet. I used it last season mostly as a fuel log and trip log. I'm going to use more of the maintenance logs and to do's. I would like to see reminders and reoccurring reminders for routine stuff. Other than that, it works pretty good. Especially for the price. Looked at other apps and they were simplified or were geared more towards navigation and trip tracking. No maintenance on the higher priced apps which was surprising. This app has a nice balance between features and value. I was really hesitant when I tried to transfer files to iPad from iPhone. Didn't work at first because it was working through iTunes. Thanks to apple, they changed the way apps were displayed in their tree/menu. I finally figured it out just recently. That worry is over now. Tested and I am able to use both iPad and iPhone.

  • JohnEasley - 2017-07-25 03:20:36

    Unable to export records

    This is a nicely put together suite of applications that makes it easy to track your vessel usage, maintenance, and expenses. There are also useful summary reports. Unfortunately, touching the button to export any of the log files causes the application to crash. I wrote to the developer over a month ago and asked for assistance but received no response. I will happily rate the app much higher when the export feature is fixed.


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BOATING SUITE is a professional and full-featured app for iOS that is designed to help you manage all aspects of your boating life. But it’s not just a boating app. It’s the first and only app designed by boating enthusiasts, for boating enthusiasts. 

Now you have a single app to log your trips plus track your fuel, maintenance, expenses and manage your boat(s). It will even help you remember stuff with its handy To-Do and Shopping Lists!

BOATING SUITE is SEVEN apps-in-one: It’s comprised of SEVEN modules plus several customizable reports. Each module performs a specific function but all modules are integrated to give you a complete picture of your boating activities and expenses.

You no longer need to write things down on scraps of paper and transfer them to log books or spreadsheets. Finally, everything in one place and at your fingertips.

Boating Suite is perfect for the casual boater or seasoned Captain.

BOATING SUITE Features At-a-Glance:
• Log Book: Allows you to maintain detailed records of every trip. From engine hours to air temp, from crew members to weather conditions…this app is comprehensive.

• Fuel Log: Keep track of all fuel purchases and track your fuel economy.

• Expense Log: Maintain detailed records of all boating related expenses…whether it’s engine oil or life jackets.

• Maintenance Log: Detailed maintenance history at your fingertips.

• Vessel Log: Keep track of every detail -- serial numbers, registration, insurance, fluids, batteries, etc.

• Shopping List: Enter the stuff you need when it runs out or when it pops in your head. Now you won’t forget when you’re at the marine store.

• To Do List: Owning a boat means you have a perpetual to-do list…this module will keep it together.

• Reports: Get detailed usage and expense reports instantly. Select the date range and information that you want to see. It’s that simple.


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