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Monash University FODMAP diet

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  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet


Developer Monash University
BundleID com.Monash.FODMAP
Version 3.0.6
Size 276.7MB
Released December 17,2012
Updated March 2,2021
Score 3.6
Review Num 466
Language English ,French ,German ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 11.0


  • Tashi689 - 2020-06-07 01:43:14


    I’m in the US and when I first got the ap I was frustrated. I felt it wouldn’t really help me. But my stomach problems persisted until i wondered if there was anything I could eat. Since i have been diagnosed with IBS I decided to try using the app. I immediately felt better after eliminating high FODMAP foods. I was drinking two cups of black tea a day. Switching to green tea cleared up a lot of my symptoms. My nose even stopped running. Using the food lists I have been able to start carefully adding Low FODMAP foods I previously thought I couldn’t eat and I used the app to find a certified dietician in my area. This is allowing me to have hope and variety in my diet.

  • Power-user-Tom - 2020-05-28 21:56:28

    Great but not done yet

    The best database of information, great features... but they need to make it so the journal entries and all our info gets synced across all devices. Typically this is done either by storing it on their server (necessitating creating an account) or storing it on our iCloud Drive. We users have phones and tablets and use both, actively. Plus computers: Be nice to have access from a web app, also. Other reviewers have made good suggestions, like the one about adding one’s own recipes. It’s been seven months since the last update. Can we at least have a quarterly cadence?

  • a nonym - 2020-04-07 12:54:36

    Easy to use format, informative researched content

    Informative and easy to use food guide. Diary allows multiples types of entries— food, mood, symptoms, notes, etc. Recipes (and good photography) is encouraging and inspiring. One suggestion: set a filter option in the Food Guide section so that one can easily toggle to all “green” (allowable) foods. Seeing a list of what is allowed is certainly more encouraging than seeing a bunch of things that are marked “red” (high in FODMAP) that I miss. Who knows. As we get further along in this diet, maybe I’ll comeback and update the star rating...


Researchers at Monash University have developed the low FODMAP diet and a corresponding app to assist in the management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The Monash University FODMAP diet works by swapping foods high in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs), with low FODMAP alternatives. Around 75% of people with IBS experience symptom relief on a low FODMAP diet.

The app comes directly from the research team at Monash and includes the following:

- General information about the FODMAP diet and IBS.
- Easy to understand tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet.
- A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods using a simple 'traffic light system'. 
- A list of branded products that have been certified by Monash as low FODMAP.
- A collection of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes.
- Functions that allow you to create your own shopping list and add notes to individual foods
- A Diary that enables you to record food eaten, IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary will also guide you through step 2 of the diet - FODMAP reintroduction.
- The ability to adjust units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate colour blindness assistance.