Monash University FODMAP diet

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  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet
  • Monash University FODMAP diet


Developer Monash University
BundleID com.Monash.FODMAP
Version 3.0.4
Size 272.2MB
Released December 17,2012
Updated October 24,2019
Score 3.5
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  • ilovecyan - 2019-12-09 10:16:54

    So Helpful I Bought It Twice

    Monash University is the leading voice in the science of the FODMAP diet, which is not a fad diet, but a medical diet specifically designed for individuals with Celiac, Crohn's, or IBS. If you are looking for a dietary solution or supplementation to your current treatment plan for one of these conditions then this diet could be very helpful for you. And Monash University are they people who can help. They are constantly updating their app with newly tested food items from around the world. The dietary information is easy to access and easy to understand. I even bought this app for my mom, who helps prepare some of the FODMAP meals, and she able to look things up on her own (even though technology is not her forte). I have learned so much about food and food groups from this app. What was making me sick, how to eliminate and then reintroduce and create balance. I’ve also been able to help other family members based on the knowledge of this app.

  • Daisiesandpansies - 2019-11-20 12:50:30

    This app is wonderful! Truly a must have.

    My doctor told me to start a fodmap diet, gave me a handout and said if I felt better after 4-6 weeks to continue it for life. I scoured the internet for information, downloaded many apps, and found lots of it to be conflicting and incomplete. My only regret is not buying this app sooner, it’s the only one I kept. I love the serving information, stoplight design for the different fodmaps, and most of all the developers at Monash are incredibly responsive! As I’m in the challenging phase it has helped me stay organized and on track. I am feeling better than I have in a long time! A few suggestions to improve it: 1. Offer more food options for reintroductions, as well as the associated amounts. 2. A comprehensive list/chart of all of the categories and foods under each would be so helpful.

  • grrldgr - 2019-12-24 15:59:48

    Helpful however

    This app helped me greatly find food offenders. It did not help me heal. I didn’t start healing until I eliminated sweeteners, vegetables and fruit completely. Rice flares my arthritis and sweeteners flare my back pain. Gluten gives me leaky gut. I season my food with herbs. From most to least, I consume beef, eggs, butter, pork, cheese, tuna, mayo, and fresh sourdough bread. I’m on cloud 9 and I have never felt so well. You could say my diet is a hybrid of low fiber and carnivore. I look forward to trying liver for the first time just for the benefits that I have read. Anyway, this app helped me get where I am today. I recommend it.


Researchers at Monash University have developed the low FODMAP diet and a corresponding app to assist in the management of gastrointestinal symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The Monash University FODMAP diet works by swapping foods high in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPs), with low FODMAP alternatives. Around 75% of people with IBS experience symptom relief on a low FODMAP diet.

The app comes directly from the research team at Monash and includes the following:

- General information about the FODMAP diet and IBS.
- Easy to understand tutorials to guide you through the app and the 3-Step FODMAP diet.
- A Food Guide detailing the FODMAP content for hundreds of foods using a simple 'traffic light system'. 
- A list of branded products that have been certified by Monash as low FODMAP.
- A collection of over 70 nutritious, low FODMAP recipes.
- Functions that allow you to create your own shopping list and add notes to individual foods
- A Diary that enables you to record food eaten, IBS symptoms, bowel habits and stress levels. The Diary will also guide you through step 2 of the diet - FODMAP reintroduction.
- The ability to adjust units of measurement (metric or imperial) and activate colour blindness assistance.