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Developer Prem Rajadattan
BundleID com.dattanlabs.RideChicago
Version 1.9.3
Size 29.8MB
Released November 24,2012
Updated November 29,2017
Score 3.11111
Review Num 9
Support http://dattanlabs.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 6.0


  • Mokioki - 2014-01-08 01:08:44


    Retracting my previous review. I love this app to track CTA buses and trains. Tried Transit Stop when this app broke after an upgrade, which works similarly. Ride Chicago is more intuitive and user friendly. It seems to run exactly on time instead of 2 min late. Transit Stop actually made me late more than once. In this cold, one tends to appreciate not having to stand out in the cold any more than necessary. Train maps are a nice touch. Good job Dattan. Keep it up!

  • BeautifulVillage - 2013-07-10 04:54:08

    Great app!

    I love the favorite screen, it lets you group certain stops. one of the good things about this app is that you can view train and bus stop arrival times in the the same screen. Its an awesome app!

  • GhostKitties - 2013-05-01 00:21:11

    Used to be great

    This app used to work great for me, now it won't look up bus routes at all! The trains show up though, what gives? Fix and ill edit my rating. I have to DL a different program in the meantime.


Ride Chicago is an easy to use transit app for tracking Chicago CTA buses and trains. It provides real-time CTA bus and 'L' train directions, arrival times, alerts, nearby stops.

•Create groups and organize your favorite stops/routes.
•You can add bus and train stops or routes to your favorite list for quick access.
•View all stop schedules in a group simultaneously. If there is more than one train/bus stops near you, you can add bus and train stops to a group and then you can view all the arrival times in a single screen. This feature helps you get more than one train/stop arrival times at the same time.
•Search and filter by stop name or route number.
•Displays train stops in travel direction order instead of alphabetical order.
•Provides arrival time estimates in minutes, local Chicago time, distance to stop in miles or feet, travel direction, destination name, route name, vehicle number.
•Provides a functionality to display all routes at your stop and filter arrival times by train destinations.
•Provides search bus/train routes and stops option.
•Provides bus & train status and alerts (route changes, stop relocation etc)
•View nearby bus and train stops in list or map.
•View bus schedules and real times locations on the map.