Gracie Barra BBJ: Weeks 1-4


  • Gracie Barra BBJ: Weeks 1


Developer Mobile Black Belt LLC (CA)
BundleID net.mobileblackbelt.BJJGBFUND1
Version 2.0.2
Size 16.4MB
Released October 17,2012
Updated January 25,2018
Score 2.6
Review Num 5
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.3


  • Kempoman - 2012-10-24 06:32:53

    Awesome app from one of the best instructors

    I love Professor Marcio Feitosa's teaching style and the videos here are ultra sharp, with many angles and slow motion. You couldn't ask for much more from this type of application. Anyone who trains in Jiu Jitsu knows that there are hundreds if not thousands of positions, but a solid basic foundation will serve you well, and that is exactly what these apps reinforce.

  • sportio - 2015-01-01 04:02:03

    Stopped Working

    Great content if you can access a particular move through the chapter index. Problem is... You can't. You have to watch the complete video/ program in its entirety. It use to work great, but this function has stopped working since the introduction of iPhone 6. I've written support, but no patch has been offered to date.

  • NewoJ - 2013-07-19 23:42:06

    Super app!!

    I love this app. I have technique videos from the best wherever I go now. The videos are very cleanly shot and shown many times at different speeds. All bjj instruction app videos should be shot like this. Fantastic job Gracie Barra!


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