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Developer Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc.
BundleID com.bluegreencorp.ownerguide
Version 2.0
Size 17.5MB
Released September 27,2012
Updated August 4,2016
Score 1.7
Review Num 81
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


  • Hike2016 - 2019-02-13 08:18:17

    Total lie

    If their lips are moving Then you know they trying to get over on you and take advantage of you....... It all sounds really great, However you can’t book what you want. They will never have availability’s when or where you want to stay. Your club dues and maintenance fees will always go up and you will never be able to get any help. With that being said the property’s are very nice and well kept but very dated. The choice is yours to make but please do your homework and ask other people if they are happy. Check lawsuits pending and closed. Wow they seem to have a lot more than most. Just saying

  • Catan inja - 2020-03-21 07:17:06

    Cumbersome and not at all reliable.

    The app says that it requires WiFi regardless if I’m on WiFi or not (which I usually am). When it connects it serves as more of a attribute finder vs. a vacation planning tool. For the what I’m paying to be an owner I do expect more. Plus, we are incentivized to book online yet the tools are not aligned with that incentive. Grrrrr!!!!

  • SMWCDK - 2019-06-10 07:13:06

    Great place!

    I’ve been a bluegreen owner for the past five years and I must say I’ve always had a great place to stay and the people when I called to make reservations have been very helpful I’ve not had a problem. I recommend them based on all the resorts they have. much better places to stay in than any hotel that I’ve stayed.


The Bluegreen Vacations Owner Guide app gives you the world of Bluegreen vacation ownership at your fingertips. Explore the benefits and advantages of what it means to be an owner in the Bluegreen Vacation Club®, including our resorts, experiences and our scenic destinations.

• Available on iPhone®, iPod Touch® and all iPad® models.

• Explore everything Bluegreen ownership has to offer, including our many resorts, fabulous destinations and the unforgettable experiences you’ll take part in. 

• View images of Bluegreen resorts, floor plans, amenities and area information. 

• Learn how to plan your vacations.

• Google Maps integration to find out where your next vacation will take you.

• Easy-to-navigate Points guide for each of our resorts, sorted by room type and seasonality.

• Instantly access information about Bluegreen Vacations Owner benefits, reservation policies, and the Points exchange program through RCI®.

• Frequent updates ensure you always have the latest information regarding Bluegreen Vacation Club® ownership

• Contact information including important websites, phone numbers and hours

• The Bluegreen Owner’s Guide requires iOS 7.0 or better.
To find out more about Bluegreen Vacations, visit

At Bluegreen Vacations, our purpose is to Share Happiness. This guide will help you explore what that means to you as a new owner in the Bluegreen Vacation Club®.