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BundleID com.cyworld.cymera
Version 4.0.3
Size 217.3MB
Released September 7,2012
Updated September 2,2019
Score 3.5
Review Num 1045
Language English ,German ,Indonesian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Thai ,Turkish ,Vietnamese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • StrandedArtist - 2019-09-03 02:20:35

    I believe it’s time..,

    I’ve been using this app for years. Seems like it’s time to put it to rest (UNinstall). Why? It’s boRing now! Cymera STOLE all of MY PAID stickers! Not only that, but its license was FREE TO USE AS IS even FOR Commercial USE. Now since my inquiry about putting these stickers on MY products; BAM! All has BEEN DELETED! Thank Greatness that I had the sense to SCREENSHOT the Licenses, and Terms Of Services! Yep, I read them...all 72 pages of them; and I even got a copy of it for future Attorneys if push ever comes to a $hove. Now, this app is just a waste of space on my phone’s REsources. There are equal if not better editing camera tools than Cymera. Heck! I’m an artist! I’ve drawn my own stickers I guess this is farewell to 5 Plus years of Cymera. ✌🏾

  • StrandedArtist - 2019-08-10 05:50:12

    What the Heck HAPPENED Cymera?!

    Why did y’all DO it? I am SO very DISAPPOINTED!!!! What happened to the Store? No more STICKERS? You WANT money now? What ABOUT all those STICKERS that I PREVIOUSLY PURCHASED?! Fats as I’m concerned THEY were MY property. I can’t see HOW Cymera WI enhance MY art work now. OmGOSH! I have been using this app for over a good 4 years! Wow! And to THINK, it CAME WITHOUT WARNING to YOUR users. Idk; but at first I thought it was a GLITCH with the app, so I REinstalled it, only to be faced with A BITTER truth that the nightmare is real! I’m so disappointed 😞. I guess there’s still a small need with your app; but right now it feels like it’s just take up unnecessary SPACE. Wrong move Cy. Wrong move!

  • crystal bond - 2019-08-16 04:47:42

    Less features

    I just recently went into my app that I’ve been using for years and I just realize that they took the shop away I now only had three options for filters while using the beauty camp. That’s a big negative for me I now have to find a new app. I haven’t looked to see if the filters are in the editing but I use it more using the beauty cam. This app went from a five star to a three star from me. So sad 😔 OK so I’m adding to my review I deleted the app and we installed it and I have everything that I had before.


With 200 million users worldwide, Cymera is a powerful editor and an all-in-one beauty camera.

■ Best For a Natural-Looking Glow!
- The most professional beauty tools! (slim, softening)
- 5 steps to find your perfect skin makeover
- Apply hundreds of amazing selfie filters & effects
+ Meet the smart selfie camera to look exceptional without hassle!

■ Professional Filters For Fabulous Results!
- Perfect instant selfies with 130 different filters
- Special effects to make your pictures pop!
- Create your own collection of favorite filters
+ Download popular packages like
  Selfie, Nation, Icecream, and more for free!

■ Variety of Camera Lenses and Silent Mode
- 7 different and fascinating camera lenses
  (Divided lenses/FishEye/Lomo and more)
- Anti-shake, timer, touch shooting, out-focusing options
- Silent mode to shoot wherever you want without disturbing others
- Bluetooth connection is available for selfie sticks with remote

■ Collage and No Crop InstaFit Features
- Different types of grid to combine photos (up to 9 photos) into one
- Blurred background with a simple touch
+ Share your favorite looks for Snapchat follows, Instagram likes, Facebook and your favorite social networks.

■  Retouch Your Photos Instantly Without Photoshop
- Automatic face recognition (enlarge eyes/smile/slim)
- Liquify, skin corrections (brightening, whitening, concealers)
- 200 kinds of natural hair and makeup items

■ Shape your dream body with new features!
- New body shaping function
- Easy function to slim your waist 
- The best photo editor to lift your hip
- No more bow legs. Get a sexy, shaped legs in few seconds!

■ Super Easy and Fast Editing Tools
- Brightness/contrast/mosaic/crop/rotate and more
- Extraordinary effects such as filters/lights/borders/vignette
- High quality resolution for clean and clear photos
- 15 different designs of watermark
- Advanced red eye removal function
- Add a stunning art effects with color splash function

■ Upgrade Photos with Unique Items
- Trendy stickers, animal masks, beauty filters, light effects, frames
- Brush items for hand writings and drawings
- Variety of fonts in text feature
- Face pop and meme

■ Sharing Photos and Smart Gallery
- Organize photos by date, location, selfies, etc.
- Now you can set your edited photos as wallpaper
- Edit photos taken by ‘Photo Wonder, Beauty Plus, Candy Camera, Camera360, Aillis, B612, Makeup Plus, Picsart, VSCO, Moldiv’ and other camera apps
- Share photos also on ‘Kakao Story, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Band’ and other socials
- Send photos to friends on ‘KakaoTalk, Line, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Telegram' and other instant messengers

■ Language Support
- Korean, English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Thai, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

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