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Developer Soulincode Inc.
BundleID com.iheartpoetics.poetics
Version 2.1
Size 40.5MB
Released July 9,2013
Updated July 29,2020
Score 4.1
Review Num 25
Support https://www.poetics.app
Language English ,Japanese ,Polish
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • CeDeFi - 2017-11-18 02:17:23

    Post to Instagram...not really!

    11-17-17...wish you would update with just the ability to control aspect ration and image size, don’t change anything else :-) Really, it's a great app. However, if your intended final share location is Instagram, you cannot work with a square aspect ratio until after you have made your creation and then you have to zoom and crop out a percentage of your work. But still, a great app but I gave it a low score due to the restricted aspect ratio.

  • sahimusic - 2016-04-04 19:41:52

    Want my money back

    This is such a stupid app, doesn't solve any purpose. You can only type 11 words and then you have to type them again and again and then arrange them all in one sequence and align them. Such a headache. Can't see how this works for posting on social media. Apps are meant to help make it easy for you and not make ur work hard. Stay away from it unless u have a dyslexic child and want to teach him how to arrange words and sentences in order.

  • sarasarasarAAA - 2016-04-15 09:53:08

    Surprise feature

    I know that it's not technically what this app is for, but I use it to create iPhone wallpapers with my photos. I crop them and after editing the photos with the app I take a screenshot of it when the photo covers the whole phone. The results are good. It's a decent photo editor and you can move the text around and add it. I'm not much of a text person but this app has a surprising purpose for me.


Poetics is a visual poetry app, developing the concept of an infinitely editable, object-oriented poetry.  

The app is an ongoing artwork created by Seth Indigo Carnes, an artist based in New York City.  Poetics is used in over 150 countries, across languages and cultures, and in schools to teach a variety of subjects.

Art features:

• mutable text
• chance operations
• ephemeral missives
• gestural semiotics
• nonlinear flux
• meta tangents
• intermedia cutups
• multimodal love

App features:

• works on all iOS devices
• portrait and landscape compositions
• turn device and use in any orientation
• always editable, saved work
• custom photo filters
• minimal text styling and color
• physics-based interactions
• nuanced gestural control
• zoom in and out for detailed work
• write in multiple languages
• speak your words into app

Music in App Store preview courtesy of The Missing Ones

Feedback or thoughts? hello@poetics.app