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  • ZipRecruiter Job Search
  • ZipRecruiter Job Search
  • ZipRecruiter Job Search
  • ZipRecruiter Job Search
  • ZipRecruiter Job Search


Developer ZipRecruiter, Inc.
Version 32.0
Size 39.4MB
Released December 29,2013
Updated March 1,2021
Score 4.8
Review Num 373043
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 12.0


  • dptdoor - 2021-02-06 09:28:10

    Mr Turner

    I’m hoping I can find something here that will help me we will see probably not I’m working hard to start my own business but I have had no help from anyone not even the us government or the church I have filed my taxes one of my former employer filed false taxes against me and my last employer 1099 me and disappeared that’s what’s wrong with so called friends think they understand all I want is to work and make a decent living but keep getting blocked or blacklisted every thing I do guess I’m just imagining it the whole time billy you could not let it go could you now I walk around with this f dd up knee still can’t get it replaced no insurance know help from the state and you ask me why I should pay my taxis couple weeks ago saw 3 city employees standing around why one dug the hole that’s why they didn’t even switch off that’s what’s wrong with are tax money David bleep bleep bleep Turner

  • John_Mc_Clain - 2021-02-05 08:20:10

    App is Worthless

    This app is 100% worthless. It “is sending me an email to log in” but the email will never come. I should have 4 emails... they won’t actually come. Also, the search engine is absolutely terrible. If you want a construction job prepare to have cashier jobs and other unrelated jobs come up instead of what you actually want. I wish I could give 0 stars.

  • airy6969 - 2021-02-18 01:59:13

    give an option for other files

    was excited to try this until i saw there’s no option to upload my resume from docs or word. i don’t have storage on my icloud for it there and i wasn’t about to retype my whole resume. seemed promising but i just deleted it after that


Search 100+ job boards at once to find your next job fast. It's that easy. 

ZipRecruiter Job Search is the only app of its kind you will ever need, and it is 100% FREE. 

1. Install the free ZipRecruiter job app.
2. Tell it about the jobs you're looking for: location + keywords, or job titles
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5. Tell us when you find something, we love hearing from you :)

• Instantly search hundreds of job boards at once
• Get the best matched jobs sent to your inbox daily
• Apply in seconds from your phone
• Save jobs or searches and come back to them later
• Review your applied jobs list
• Get notified when your resume has been viewed

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