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Developer The CW Network
Version 3.1.11
Size 56.1MB
Released March 14,2012
Updated September 13,2019
Score 4
Review Num 110043
Language English
Rating 12+
Compatibility 10.3

Comment information

  • listener of the Bible - 2019-09-17 09:13:53

    Was amazing but!!!

    Emphasis on the but here, when I first downloaded it I think it was ( 4-5months ago) AND IT WAS AMAZING!!! It was like watching a video on YouTube, but then I deleted it (don’t ask), and so I download it again and come to find that it is completely different (totally fine) BUT (and this is where the whole thing changes so watch out) IT TURNS OUT TO BE GARBAGE!!!! I have Roku and the CW is on their and that’s where I got the inspiration to download (and then delete it) and download it again. It’s just better to pay for Netflix then to watch it on here or on Apple TV (yes this is on an iPhone) pleeeaase fix it and I’m not gonna “bribe” you with “another star” but please, the older ways were wonderful pls change (and I might give you another star)

  • gwarta - 2019-09-12 14:09:12

    Loading, loading, loading...

    I’ve recently downloaded the app in the hopes of being able to watch the new Arrowverse shows. But whenever I open the app, it just keeps loading and loading and etc. It’s unusable. I can’t watch anything, everything that the app shows me is the loading screen. Why is that? I looked up the FAQ but that obviously didn’t help. Why is the app only loading and nothing else? Why can’t I watch anything?

  • JazmynFL - 2019-09-18 09:10:59

    2:30 min ad breaks every 5 mins and CC doesn’t work properly

    First, the 2:30 minutes of ads for every 5-7 minutes of showtime discourages me from watching your programming. Please, either shorten the ad breaks, or lengthen the intervals between them. Second, I need the captions, but every time there’s a commercial break I have to pause the video and restart the CC function when the show returns.


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