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Developer LEGO
Version 6.8.6082
Size 256.4MB
Released January 16,2012
Updated January 7,2019
Score 4
Review Num 8413
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Comment information

  • redjely360 - 2019-07-26 10:02:07


    This game, while meant for small children I’m sure, is bland, uninspired, and as the title says: terrible. All you have to do is pick the helicopter and press two buttons which could appease even the most simpleminded children. I would not give this app to my kids and would rather give then real LEGO’s or even nothing. The only reason this game was spared a single star is because it have no ads and can (for very brief seconds) allows you to “build” things. I wish I could add more to this review but that’s just the problem. This game literally nothing in it. This games best use would be putting your kids to sleep.

  • garyj4 - 2019-07-24 10:27:36

    Grandson enjoys

    Grandson enjoys it. But, would be better if more options to choose from. He gas built all 5 items multiple times and keeps asking for a motorcycle and airplane.

  • elisalouw - 2019-07-22 19:21:26

    Coins not counted

    The coins in this game are not being counted. They also are bouncing away. I can not build bridges. Still fun though


The LEGO® Juniors app is an engaging, creative building game for children ages 4-7, with lots of opportunities to practice creative problem-solving. With every new LEGO vehicle your child builds, they can cruise around LEGO landscapes as minifigure avatars like mechanics, princesses, pilots – and even LEGO Batman™. The goal is to turn the open landscapes into busy neighborhoods by unlocking and building virtual houses and decorations.

-	A GREAT FIRST LEGO BUILDING EXPERIENCE: Fun, intuitive and creative functions let your child practice the basics of building with LEGO bricks, cars, and minifigures.
-	FUN EXPERIMENTS: Surprising combinations let your child experiment with the basics of physics and creative problem-solving: What happens if you let the princess drive a car that has minifigure legs instead of wheels? And how do you make your car fly high enough to catch coins in the air? 
-	FAMILIAR ENVIRONMENTS: Your child will love to explore and mash up familiar settings like family houses, princess castles, police stations, fire trucks, and construction sites!
-	REAL-LIFE PLAY IDEAS: Your child will find inspiration for hours of real-life LEGO builds and imaginative play scenarios.
-	NEW GAME EVERY TIME: Quick minifigure selector and lots of creative vehicles to mix and match – the more you play, the more you unlock!
-	AGE-APPROPRIATE: Bright animations, icons, and navigation for easy gameplay – no reading or writing skills required.
-	SAFETY FIRST: Your child will play in a safe, closed environment, with NO third-party advertising, links to external websites, in-app purchases or hidden data collection. LEGO marketing content and information is served, for instance LEGO news about LEGO sets and other LEGO games, in hope of inspiring children’s creative play.

Why play with LEGO Juniors?
In real life, as in games like this one, LEGO Juniors is designed to give children ages 4-7 a great first experience with the LEGO brick through iconic, fun and Easy-to-Build models. LEGO Juniors sets contain quick-start elements and numbered pre-packed bags that can be built without help from mom or dad, making any young builder extra proud!

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