Beauty Camera – Selfie Cam

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  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Cam
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Cam
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Cam
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Cam
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Cam


Developer Guangzhou Beauty Information Technology Co.Ltd.
BundleID com.poco.beautyCamera
Version 4.6.5
Size 170.1MB
Released October 25,2011
Updated August 21,2020
Score 4.7
Review Num 2860
Language Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • lztw - 2020-01-21 05:59:33

    Fun to use

    This app is really fun to use when im bored. It is a really useful app too. I like to mess around with it and make myself look like an alien 👌🏼😂😂

  • Unicorntrey - 2020-03-10 00:25:00


    We want this in English!! In that way you can also gain more downloads

  • Vanmah - 2019-12-10 04:12:16

    This app ! I love it !

    I love this app so much ! I will be using it all the time 💜


Beauty Camera S, new year with an advanced upgrade!
Smart  / Special  / Sweet / Super  / Senior
Over 3.5hundred million users, it is the first selfie APP with beautify function in China.
From skin to total outlook, it makes you born with beauty and chic.
Ranked the #1 on ITunes’ store free downloads in China and Southeast Asia area for three weeks.

Smart -Your smart camera
Customization Beauty: Custom the size of face and eyes, the buffing strength. Design your own beauty.
High Definition: Optimize beautify technology, more accurate to detect face and higher definition photo.
Real-time Filter: Textured filters can match your mood.
Smart Fill Light: Intelligentized selfie’s light, even in dark environment.
Beauty Factory: Whether big eyes or Roman nose, nice jaw or perfect smile, we can make them. 
Cosmetics: Automatic detect face feature. Make up top brands’ style only by one botton.
DIY Make Up: Blusher、lipstick、eye shadow、eyelashes、contact lenses and etc. You can DIY any part of the make up.

Special -Your exclusive interface
UI updates: Streamlines and minimal design, slide to UDLR to find surprise.
personality background: Slide to right on first page and click “back ground theme” to custom your UI.
Customize Function: Just long-Press to remove the function/ material you don’t like.

Sweet - Your fairy Photo
Art Mosaic: New brush and painting style, creative the Mosaic.
Mood frosted glass: rendering the atmosphere to match your mood.
Motion Sticker: Funny and cute personal mini video.
Finger Magic: Image your finder into a fairy wand, make things more beautiful just by click. 
Original Sketch: Cooperation with digital sketch platform, experience original sticker in advice!

Super - Your New Aesthetics
Information Section: Tips for photograph and beautify, make you attractive in social circles. Material Centra: Punk、Vintage、Hrajuku、Bohe… All the kinds of styles in here.

Senior - More natural, More high-ends
Confidence from distinctive.
Refuse the indifferent face, to be the unique one.
Capture beauty in a flash.

We Are Beauty
Beauty Camera  Open the era of intelligent beauty.