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  • Vibrator Massager iVibe
  • Vibrator Massager iVibe
  • Vibrator Massager iVibe
  • Vibrator Massager iVibe
  • Vibrator Massager iVibe
  • Vibrator Massager iVibe


Developer Robot Mouse, LLC
BundleID com.mrrobotmouse.ivibelite
Version 5.3
Size 39.6MB
Released November 4,2011
Updated May 6,2020
Score 4.1
Review Num 3498
Language English ,French ,German ,Hindi ,Hungarian ,Italian ,Japanese ,Portuguese ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 11.0


  • jasnapple - 2020-07-25 18:23:56


    This app is trash. There’s a watch ad option for more vibration options and intensity BUT there’s no way to receive that “free if watch ad”. Don’t download. I’m completely unhappy after I’m glad I didn’t pay yet like I intended to do so. They even have it to where a negative review is unseen while typing. I’m highly upset.

  • unicorns4ever123321 - 2020-07-30 21:50:56

    i use this for joint pains lol

    my back is kinda wack so i use this as a sort of massage for my dancer joints

  • Geerziee - 2020-07-29 02:11:08

    Great for neck pains

    My neck always hurts and this helps

Promotional Text

Makes your device vibrate. Feel the feels.


iPhone only. Will not work on iPad. Make sure your ringer is not set to silent, otherwise you won't feel the vibrations.

iVibe Vibrating Massager is one of the first vibrating apps in the app store. With over one million downloads on iOS and popular media coverage in Jezebel and Cosmopolitan,  you too should try iVibe Vibrating Massager. Users can experience an intense massage in multiple vibrational settings. All the good vibes are generated from the vibration your phone puts out, turning your mobile device into a personal massager. With iVibe Vibrating Massager you can choose your own vibration from ten built in vibrator settings and more coming soon.   It's the perfect massage vibrator for relaxing, soothing yourself to sleep and massaging your body or neck. Vibration has been proven to help relieve stress, calm sore muscles and aide in sleep for all ages. 

Vibration has been proven to stimulate hair growth, treat cellulite and wrinkles.
Some people claim vibration therapy can:
- Strengthen and Tone Muscles. 
- Builds Stronger Bones.
- Improves Flexibility, Balance and Coordination. 
- Raises Metabolism and Boosts Fat Burning Potential. 
- Stimulates Production of Helpful Hormones.

Relax with iVibe Best Vibrator Massage and Vibrate, Massage and Soothe
yourself or a friend. iVibe  makes great use of the iPhone’s internal vibrating function, turning your phone into a vibrating device.

Turn iVibe Vibrating Massager on and use it anywhere! 
- Massage the stress away after a long day. 
- Let it gently soothe you or the baby back to sleep. 
- It’s great for soothing the neck pain away.
- Are your feet sore at work? Try iVibe Vibrating Massager and see how much more relaxed you feel.

iVibe includes 2 vibrational patterns. Ads are active. 
If you wish, activate the in app purchases to unlock a total of 10 vibrational patterns. 

iVibe's "Good Vibes" pack also includes “Brightness Settings”, “Password Protection” and a “Screen lock” feature. 
Download iVibe: Best Vibrator Massage, today!

- Ten settings to choose from
- Fast Pulse 
- Full Speed Vibration
- Random Vibration
- Slow Pulse Massager
- Medium Pulse Massager
- Slow to Fast Vibrate
- HeartBeat Vibration
- Bouncing Ball Vibrate 
- Reverse Ball Vibrate
- Drummer Pattern
- Lock Feature
- Password Protection Feature

• iVibe Vibrating Massager
• Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase