Tahiti & Moorea  Offline Map

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  • Tahiti & Moorea  Offline Map
  • Tahiti & Moorea  Offline Map
  • Tahiti & Moorea  Offline Map
  • Tahiti & Moorea  Offline Map
  • Tahiti & Moorea  Offline Map


Developer Suresh Challa
BundleID com.swanittech.TahitinMoorea
Version 6.1
Size 141.6MB
Released September 23,2011
Updated June 3,2019
Score 1
Review Num 7
Support http://www.swanittech.com
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.3

Comment information

  • [SAB] Thor - 2013-08-11 03:00:31

    Good idea, but...

    I bought this for our upcoming vacation to Papeete and Moorea, thinking it would be a useful tool. As a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) specialist, it had an obvious attraction to me. An offline map is a brilliant idea, but the app is flawed in its implementation, mostly deficient maps. First - no satellite imagery; just a small scale outline map with very primitive cartography overlaid with points of interest icons. Second - there are darn few points of interest! Given that the two islands are quite small, the publishers could have identified virtually every building, road, and sight-seeing location with very little effort (I built a better map using only public domain data from the Internet in a mornings work). The gazetteer is nice ... Hospitals, hotels and such ... but pretty limited.

  • DJTraveler - 2013-03-30 23:44:27

    Rip off

    Don't waste your money on this app! We just returned from Tahiti , Moorea and Bora Bora. The information in this app is limited and not up to date. You would do better to go on line and read “Tripadvisor” and it's free or pick up the local brochures while your there. I'm dumping this app.

  • cjaxxs - 2011-12-30 10:23:54

    Waste of money!

    I bought this app because I'm a Tahiti specialist. Limited and inaccurate hotel information. Not many restaurants listed. Shopping lists stores in my area, not stores in Tahiti. Gallery pictures were extremely disappointing! Wish I could get my money back, total rip off!


Few people realize that Tahiti is actually the heart of French Polynesian, a vast expanse of 118 islands stretched across the South Pacific Ocean. The island has most of the trappings of the modern world with five-star resorts, boutiques selling top-end labels, and a bustling port city.

Moorea is called the "sister island" of Tahiti. Moorea is an eighth of the size of Tahiti but packs all the classic island features into its triangular shape

*** Tahiti guide is designed to use on offline when you are in the Island so you can degrade expensive roaming charges. ***

√Fully zoomable offline map contains Point of interests on them along with interactive guide. Just tap on any poi you can get the information for that along with routing information.

√Any time you can checkout your GPS position on the offline map and poi’s around you.

√Packed with all the Attractions, museums, landmarks, things to do, beaches information along with gps coordinates, so that you can view them on our offline map and can get also driving directions.

√Included all the available Hotels Information along with available amenities, price ranges, ratings, and also included phone numbers all for offline use.

√Whenever you are into a new place we generally require transportation, Shopping, Accommodation, Restaurants information’s, Atms, banks, etc. All you can search from our Application and view them on Map and you can get routing information from your current location within your hands.

√Added popular restaurants Information like opening Timings, Price ranges, overview, and location on the map, Routing Information to the location on the map.

√App Shows list of available hospitals, Atm locations, gas stations, Banks, Restaurants, Pizza hut centers, Drug stores and more along with their available phone numbers according to your GPS location.

√Also gives you the distances to your current location

√Along with these details we are providing the information about Tahiti like Safety precautions, Getting Around, Facts.

√Our user-friendly Gallery creates curiosity about the, photos you can zoom to them, you can view thumbnails to them. 

√Some features require data connection to work them.

Fully Compatible to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

For any questions please contact support@swanittech.com