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Developer DIGI117 LTD
BundleID com.intersog.splanneriphone
Version 2.6.7
Size 45.9MB
Released July 28,2011
Updated October 10,2018
Score 1.5
Review Num 26
Language English ,French ,German ,Indonesian ,Japanese ,Korean ,Malay ,Malayalam ,Russian ,Chinese ,Spanish ,Thai
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0


  • Spinju - 2019-08-30 00:28:35

    Great!....sort of

    They’ve got a great product here that allows you to do many things that other apps won’t and I love that. It is very convenient app day to day BUT then come the problems. Aside from it being currently a bit outdated in what most other apps are doing as far as new iPhone X version no Apple Watch support which one can live without but then you have a lack of face ID support so when you go into the settings and set a password enabling touch ID because that’s the only thing there the Apple crash every time you want to open it something. Something I see complained about in these reviews is their habit of erasing all data and not making it very convenient to keep all your data safe and secure I have run into this twice myself having to redo everything they have put in place some new back up features that’s seem like they’re generally convenient and should remove the possibility of any problems in the future so I will have to see how that goes for now all I can say is this: This is a great app to keep your life in order to be wary of its technological setbacks.

  • Al1961 - 2018-05-04 19:00:40

    Pretty good..

    The app does most of what I need...I would like in stats a total of each category for the day and the month...almost there... 3/5/18 What the h$&l...was there an update?...lost all my data...will not save new events...can’t even restored...tried to delete and reinstall and that did nothing...a great app I used everyday gone to crap...lost, lost, lost all my data...oh my god...this is great!!!!! Update: 5/4/18 Company never responded to fix issue...what the update was supposed to fix did not happen... pretty easy to see this company doesn’t care...stay away from anything this company makes...boycott the company...not a reputable company...

  • atomicrooster1 - 2018-11-23 20:36:57

    Pro version is junk

    I used the standard version of the product for almost a year, without incident. Then I purchased the Pro version. The first problem I encountered is not being able to get my content (archive data) from the old version to the new. Second, the tasks that I put in to the new version disappear (at least that happens sometimes). If I use the Sync feature, I can find the tasks that I’ve entered into Pro on my Google calendar, but not on the app. 😡


Schedule Planner Pro is a daily planning aide that helps users to organize their tasks by category and priority. The app features a practical and simple user interface that allows users to either create day plans from scratch or by editing pre-existing plans from external calendars (like Google Calendar) to save time.

Creating new tasks is always simple to do, requiring only a few sequential steps to complete. Schedule Planner allows users to edit and change their individual tasks or by batch editing multiple tasks. Users can even create notes attached to each task if they need more details. Use our PLANNED vs ACTUAL task tracking functions to commit a task as being accomplish to chart your schedule accurately. See these results on the statistics screen.

Busy users are provided with a flexible set of categories like “Meals”, “Health”, and “Work”. Tasks are then color coordinated by category for convenience and to monitor their statistics. The app employs in-depth pie-chart and bar graph diagrams to let users see how they spend their time based on category with a quick glance.

Tasks and full days can be planned in advance & viewed day-by-day via a practical graphic calendar or list view. See category colors mark each day on your calendar with planned tasks.

Keep track of your schedule by exporting your schedule via CSV or PDF along with notes. Also backup your data to the cloud to keep it safe and secure and to restore your data between devices.

Sign up for a Cloud Sync to create a universal cloud account where you share your Schedule Planner data across any supported app and device.
Also, sync your task lists with Google Calendar, iCal and other calendars.

Custom Categories to define your own breakdowns.
Advanced Alerts and Notifications

The world is busier than ever; take this opportunity to start optimizing your time and become more productive with Schedule Planner!


Schedule Planner Pro is developed by Digi117, Ltd.