Halfway effort achieve nothing


  • Halfway effort achieve nothing
  • Halfway effort achieve nothing
  • Halfway effort achieve nothing
  • Halfway effort achieve nothing
  • Halfway effort achieve nothing


Developer ChinaHCM
BundleID com.chinaHcmStory.btef
Version 2.0
Size 34.5MB
Released June 6,2011
Updated March 29,2018
Score 5
Review Num 1
Support http://www.chinahcm.com
Language English ,Chinese
Rating 4+
Compatibility 8.0


  • 258lq - 2011-07-14 12:44:19

    ZTH 半途而废

    一直很喜欢JoyOrange的成语故事,做的真是不错呀. 继续支持.

  • yuki0621 - 2011-07-11 16:11:35


    从小就教育宝宝不能半途而废! 好软件!

  • samtheexpert - 2011-06-09 18:10:21

    画工没得说 ,一级棒



A good story is better than a teacher. 
This story is one of the many life stories a child needs to learn. The story tells us of the idiom “Halfway efforts achieve nothing” which means that if you give up before the completion of a goal, your previous efforts will be in vain. 

This app not only tell a vivid story to children in such an interesting way, but also help children master the graceful Chinese language and know the wisdom ,history behind. It will play a big role in the formation of good character of a child.  
Don’t hesitate to give this as a precious gift to your child.

Bilingual education: story is taught in both Chinese and English .

Exquisite pictures: the pictures are bright, cartoon-like, and easy to understand and remember.

Interactive exercises:there are many interactive activities such as new words cards, repeat after me and sentence making to ensure the process is fun.

Professional recording: The Chinese text was recorded by a professional broadcaster with a sweet voice while the English text by an American teacher in clear American English. 

Pages can be turned automatically and manually.

Any suggestion, please contact us: