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  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food
  • HappyCow Find Vegan Food


Developer HappyCow
BundleID com.smoothlandon.happycow
Size 69.1MB
Released May 12,2011
Updated October 12,2019
Score 5
Review Num 15091
Support https://www.happycow.net/contact
Language Dutch ,English ,French ,German ,Hebrew ,Italian ,Japanese ,Polish ,Portuguese ,Chinese ,Spanish
Rating 12+
Compatibility 11.4

Comment information

  • I110O - 2019-09-15 04:09:53

    App doesn’t solve problem of no vegan restaurants

    The premise of this app is good but having an app to find vegan restaurants doesn’t magically make them appear. When I first installed it it came back with nothing, so I went in to “filters” and increased the search radius to 50 miles and then one restaurant is listed. So if I drive for over an hour I can get breakfast or lunch (they don’t serve dinner...) We don’t need apps so much as we need vegan restaurants! I would say save your $3.99 and use Yelp, but Yelp lists places as vegan that aren’t.

  • General Peepers - 2019-08-10 16:59:54

    Rating system is silly

    If a restaurant isn't 100% vegan I can't give it five stars? And if a restaurant is 100% vegan I can't give it less than two? Silly, outdated, and false. People trust you for reviews, let them be honest. We're adults, for heaven's sake. We can learn to read. Silly, and enough to make me discount the reviews and just use this as a wayfinder. It's 2019. Do better.

  • pamelarhyner - 2019-09-19 12:40:14

    Happy cow app is so helpful!

    The happy cow app is so great! I’ve been traveling a lot and it helps me to plan meals while on the road. The input from users is super important too. From actual reviews of the quality of food to the range of choice of vegan options, it really helps to manage expectations and make informed choices. Thank you for creating this great tool!


Since 1999, HappyCow has helped users  find 108,000+ restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores in 180+ countries. Read 500,000+ reviews and see 500,000+ photos posted by our awesome community! With HappyCow, you can search for vegan-friendly bakeries, health food stores, catering, farmers markets, juice bars, and coffee shops!

• Filter by Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, cuisine type, and more!
• Easily search near you, or nearby an address (perfect for planning a trip!) 
• Plan your travels by using our  interactive map and saving places for offline viewing
• Find popular and undiscovered eateries with keywords and cuisine filters: perfect for foodie adventures and Instagram pics! 
• See hours, directions, photos, and reviews - so easy!

• Add restaurants to your Favorite list or Travel list 
• Upload photos & submit reviews at places you love! Track where you’ve been!
• Join the largest Veg community with 375,000+ people who are changing the world!
• Content is updated 24/7 by a dedicated team and 2 million+ monthly visitors
• HappyCow is supported in Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, and now Portuguese.

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