Tap Roulette - Make Decisions with Friends!

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Rank Class iPhone iPad
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Chart Class iPhone iPad
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  • Tap Roulette


Developer Laan Labs
BundleID com.laan.labs.TapRoulette
Version 1.02
Size 5.9MB
Released April 12,2011
Updated May 2,2017
Score 2.5
Review Num 441
Support http://labs.laan.com/wp/contact/
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 6.1

Comment information

  • JH Travelin Man - 2019-10-02 11:25:05

    Would not buy for a dollar

    And sadly I did. I regret it a lot. I saw a video of people playing this and THOUGHT it looked fun. It really wasn't. I wasted a dollar on this. When it says it shocks you, it really doesn't. In the video, the person overreacted and I have no idea how I thought in any shape way or form it was real. I could've bought a small pack of gum for 88 cents at the gas station and I bought this. Total regret.

  • jojosiwa5 - 2019-09-26 04:59:42

    omg i hate this app

    i didn’t even get to choose if i wanted to buy it and now i spent .99 without my approval

  • PERSONS WHOS MAD - 2019-12-21 03:55:43

    love it

    this app is great for when me and my kids are fighting over who gets the rat poison first.


Tap Roulette is like drawing straws 2.0

Each friend puts a finger down on the screen and one will be selected.

Use it to make decisions like who has to take out the garbage, or where to eat lunch.

Up to 11 fingers supported on the iPad.
Up to 5 fingers are supported on the iPhone.