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  • iFunny – hot memes and videos
  • iFunny – hot memes and videos
  • iFunny – hot memes and videos
  • iFunny – hot memes and videos
  • iFunny – hot memes and videos
  • iFunny – hot memes and videos


Developer iFunny Inc.
BundleID ru.flysoft.ifunny
Version 5.42.3
Size 159.8MB
Released April 26,2011
Updated September 15,2019
Score 3.5
Review Num 126371
Support http://ifunny.co/
Language English ,Portuguese ,Russian
Rating 17+
Compatibility 9.3

Comment information

  • Z-Strike2474 - 2019-09-21 04:36:20

    Great but sometimes stale and even broken

    I really like being able to just look at memes when ever. I don’t have to scowl through reddit or something for them. Although some features are really bad (what you have to expect) I have laughed from time to time and have come to love the app. Some issues with the actual system tho 1. It will show old features that the notifications will see as “new” 2. Looking up tags or ifunnyers in the explore tab just doesn’t work atm. 3. There will be porn in the comments but this issue has gotten so much better. Again love the app and community.

  • "$&everynicknameistaken - 2019-09-21 08:55:37

    Goodbye IFunny

    I’ve had the app for 6 years now, I go on it daily but the content isn’t what it used to be! It still has its couple of memes that will crack you up but other than that it’s basically an Instagram now where even bad memes will be featured. Then they started ads which I didn’t mind until those ads popped up and made you watch it. Thank for everything iFunny! Wish you would had never changed.

  • supuppop - 2019-09-21 06:16:56

    Good but...

    It is a good app but for some reason it won’t let me search anything. I’m not sure if it’s just my phone but it won’t let me search anything at the “Explore “.Everything else it good but it’s just that I can’t search. I hope you can fix it soon and good job so far.


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