Venice Offline Travel Guide

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  • Venice Offline Travel Guide
  • Venice Offline Travel Guide
  • Venice Offline Travel Guide
  • Venice Offline Travel Guide


Developer Suresh Challa
BundleID com.swanittech.Venice
Version 6.2
Size 158.2MB
Released February 25,2011
Updated January 8,2019
Score 5
Review Num 1
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.3


  • Gordon1707 - 2011-03-05 11:52:57

    Virtually useless

    Despairing of finding a Venice city guide worthy of the iPad I tried this one as well... Very very light weight in terms of content - the cheapest paper guide would get you far more, what exists is poorly written and presented, and an eclectic selection to say the least. I can't find the famous museum of natural history but if I want the nearest McDonald's I am in luck. Attractions are listed in no discernable order, can't search or sort. Only saving grace somewhat is the map which at least manages to cover most of Venice and even shows the streets (a reference to my review of the slightly better city scouter Venice). Map loses credibility in that it only shows pins for the painfully thin attractions and hotels (a feature virtually useless tothe traveller once you are in Venice). And suffering a common fault with these guides, the map doesn't work if you are not connected to the Internet, which unless you like to pay ridiculous roaming charges you won't be while you are out and about. (Why don't they let me say where I am? I may have moved into the electronic age but I can still read a map!) Worst of all, it doesn't show the critical water bus routes and stops. Bottom line: if you are relying on this guide to visit Venice you will be lost and disappointed. And out $5.... Marginally better than the utterly useless "smart city guide" but that's not saying a lot.

  • declair59 - 2012-10-10 07:04:12

    Excellent map

    The primary reason I downloaded this was for the map. I used it while walking around Venice in Sep. 2012. It is superior to any of the printed maps I saw there, none of which are nearly as clear about where you can and can't go (streets, alleys, bridges, dead ends). It also shows the shapes of canals and piazzas, helping to get oriented as you go. It names many if not all landmarks such as churches museums, piazzas and civic buildings, also sight-seeing spots (Contarini del Bovolo, for instance, which is a popular place you can look at but is private property). It names the majority of streets and alleys. A few tiny ones are left out, but still appear on the map. You can zoom in and out and pan. A major plus is that it can be used without an internet connection. Many businesses and hospitality spots are included, but this, of course, is subject to change. I recommend this based on the map alone. I didn't use the other features since I didn't need them.

  • Maventrap - 2011-09-01 03:29:53

    Stay away

    No real content. No route planning. Lousy map. Keeps breaking crashing etc. Overpriced. Tried to use it in Venice a week ago and suffered.





*** Designed to use in OFFLINE  ***

Going to travel around Venice? Wait! Our App will provides you the information where to go n what you can see.

Venice guide is designed to use on offline when you are in the so you can degrade expensive roaming charges.

√Fully zoomable offline map contains Point of interests on them along with interactive guide. Just tap on any poi you can get the information for that along with routing information.

√Any time you can checkout your GPS position on the offline map and poi’s around you.

√Packed with all the Attractions, museums, landmarks, things to do, beaches information along with gps coordinates, so that you can view them on our offline map and can get also driving directions.

√Included all the available Hotels Information along with available amenities, price ranges, ratings, and also included phone numbers all for offline use.

√Whenever you are into a new place we generally require transportation, Shopping, Accommodation, Restaurants information’s, Atms, banks, etc. All you can search from our Application and view them on Map and you can get routing information from your current location within your hands.

√App Shows list of available hospitals, Atm locations, gas stations, Banks, Restaurants, Pizza hut centers, Drug stores and more along with their available phone numbers according to your GPS location.

√Also gives you the distances to your current location

√Along with these details we are providing the information about Venice like Safety precautions, Getting Around, Facts.

√Our user-friendly Gallery creates curiosity about the, photos you can zoom to them, you can view thumbnails to them. 

√Some features require data connection to work them.

Fully Compatible to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

For any questions please contact