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Developer Hans-Jurgen Beckmerhagen
BundleID com.tripanion.pegel
Version 2.4
Size 2.1MB
Released October 12,2010
Updated July 5,2018
Language English ,German
Rating 4+
Compatibility 9.0

Descriptions reads current water levels and tidal predictions of selected water information systems. Currently integrated:
Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency ( - 6 days tide forecast for the German North Sea coast and tidal rivers
German Federal Water and Shipping Administration ( - various water values (eg water level) of inland and coastal waterways.
Dutch Ministry of Environment ( - 6 days tide forecast for the Dutch North Sea coast and tidal rivers
Other services will follow.
If available, additional information is displayed, such as water and air temperature or outflow.
The Map view shows the location of most water gauges.
Current high water alarms are displayed in the Warnings view.
Selected levels can be added to the Favorites list.