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Developer Freecloud Design, Inc.
BundleID com.freecloud.StackTheStates
Version 2.7
Size 126.5MB
Released September 13,2010
Updated August 10,2016
Score 4.5
Review Num 1243
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 6.0


  • mavela2747 - 2020-05-24 04:23:40

    Arkansas is in romance with Utah

    Once upon a time a state named Arkansas saw a pretty state and her name is Utah.Arkansas ran to New Mexico.New Mexico said “Go to Montana’s rose store.”Arkansas went to the store . He said “May I have some roses ?”Montana held the roses.Now he needs a tuxedo and a hat form Kentucky ! He said “May I have a tuxedo and a hat ?Kentucky handed them to him.Arkansas went to Iowa’s gem shop.He said “May I have a ring?Iowa gives the ring to him. Arkansas saw Utah in a bride .They loved each other.Arkansas marries Utah.And they lived happily ever after The End

  • Dr Lori Liv - 2020-05-16 02:07:37


    This app is encouraging kids to learn middle school geography but in a fun and amazing game. I hope to who ever is reading this that you download this app for your kids and maybe learn yourself too. There are even add on mini games to this app. They are just different ways to learn the states. Hope you like it!

  • KTB Love - 2020-05-06 01:55:14

    Super fun and educational

    I used to be among the many kids who would play this game in my elementary school. It was super fun, but it still taught me about the different states. Overall, it’s a very great game and I have decided to now get it on my phone so I can look back on all the times I used to play it.


▸ Voted Best Kids App for iPad! -Best App Ever Awards
▸ Voted Best Educational Game App -
▸ "If you have children who are elementary school aged this is a fantastic educational app that’s also a hoot." - The iPhone
▸ "Stack the States is a must have." - The iKids Blog

Stack the States® makes learning about the 50 states fun!  Watch the states actually come to life in this colorful and dynamic game! 

As you learn state capitals, shapes, geographic locations, flags and more, you can actually touch, move and drop the animated states anywhere on the screen. Carefully build a stack of states that reaches the checkered line to win each level.

You earn a random state for every successfully completed level.  All of your states appear on your own personalized map of the United States.  Try to collect all 50!  As you earn more states, you begin to unlock the four free bonus games: Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler and Capital Drop.  Four games in one!

▸ Capitals
▸ State shapes
▸ Abbreviations
▸ Bordering states
▸ Location on the map
▸ Nicknames
▸ Flags
...and more!

▸ Hundreds of unique questions
▸ Interactive map and 50 state flash cards
▸ Choose any of the 50 friendly-looking states as your avatar
▸ Create up to six player profiles
▸ Collect all 50 states and track your progress on a personalized map
▸ Earn FREE bonus games: Map It, Pile Up, Puzzler and Capital Drop
▸ High resolution pictures of famous US landmarks
▸ All games are powered by a realistic physics engine
▸ Fun sound effects and music
▸ iPhone 4 and new iPad Retina Display support
▸ Works on both iPhone and iPad - a universal app


STACK THE STATES: Build tall piles with states and try to reach the checkered line.

MAP IT: Tap the location of the selected state on the map.  Try to complete the whole country.

PILE UP: The states are piling up!  Tap them quickly to get rid of them before they pile too high.

PUZZLER: Sit back and relax as you slide the states around and put them together like a jigsaw puzzle.

CAPITAL DROP: Match states with their capitals in this fast-paced bonus game.  Don't let a state fall!

Stack the States® is an educational app for all ages that's actually FUN to play.  Try it now and enjoy five games for the price of one!

Stack the States®:
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