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  • Sitewise


Developer Tetrad Computer Applications Inc.
BundleID com.tetrad.sitewise
Version 3.8.0
Size 12.6MB
Released May 21,2010
Updated October 25,2019
Score 3.4
Review Num 5
Language English
Rating 4+
Compatibility 10.0


  • jimvictoria - 2011-04-29 04:57:54

    Long Term Tetrad (Sitewise) Customer

    I have been using Sitewise at work for years and on my iPhone since it became available. Tetrad is not well known but it has always been a "serious" product and it continues that tradition. It works; and that is under rated. It is rare to find a mobil application which can create data that can be forwarded in real time, almost instantaneously. This is due to the speed at which a full demographic report is emailed back to your iPhone.

  • Tshare - 2011-04-20 03:51:25

    Fun and powerful geography and demographics

    SiteWise allows me to quickly and easily find out major demographic characteristics of any area I choose. I am particularly fond of being able to define drive-time areas for calculating demographic statistics. While this is very useful for exploring and making business decisions, I love pulling out my iPad and finding the stats instantly to impress other people. The new addition of 2010 Redistricting data makes it even more useful.

  • bholtal - 2011-11-25 09:00:10

    A good mobile tool

    This is a good app with the ability to run drive times as well as rings. Biggest problem is that the 2010 census data is apparently not available in its entirety. In order to get any income stats you have to choose the 2000 census data which is irrelevant of course.


Sitewise gives your location's demographics.

This is the most important information you need to site a store and understand the neighborhood.

Sitewise creates a demographic report that describes the people around your current location, for a circular, drive-time or neighborhood area showing: 

- Population by age 
- Educational attainment
- Households
- Children
- Transportation to work
- Employment
- Household Income
- Housing – owned versus rented
- … and much more

Sites may also be selected by typing a street address or tapping a location on the street map. Benchmark reports for a predefined area (state, city, census tract, postal code, etc.) are available by typing the name; e.g. "90210", "Niagara Falls".

In addition to viewing reports on the iPhone, Sitewise can email complete maps and reports in PDF or Excel format.

Sitewise comes with the following data:
- 2010 U.S. Census SF1 Data
- 2000 U.S. SF3 Census
- 2011 Canada Census

Premium demographic data is also available.

Whoever you are, wherever you are - a real estate developer in New York or a startup restaurant in Smallville - Sitewise provides the demographics you need to locate a new store or evaluate market potential.